Adding or changing Domains to Sites

All paid plans have the ability to add or change a domain to your Servebolt site. If you don’t have the option to add domains to your Servebolt site, you probably need to upgrade your Bolt to one of the paid plans.

You can add domains easily by navigating to the site you want to add the domain to, within the Control Panel. When you are on the site dashboard of the site you want to add the domain to, navigate to the domains tab. Under the domains tab you can add and control all your domains.

If you have a valid SSL certificate for the added domain, you will see a “ENABLE SSL” button under your domain. If you don’t have a SSL certificate, you have the option of purchasing one. Purchasing and setting up SSL certificates on Servebolt is very easy, and can be done in just a few minutes without any technical skills.

How to add a domain to your site

Steps for changing a domain for a site will be outlined here. Let’s say you want to change domain from to your new domain name

  1. Add new domain

    Add the new domain to your site inside your Control Panel in Servebolt. Next up, you will need to get your SSL for your domain ready. This can either be done by purchasing through us or using a self-signed certificate with Cloudflare.

  2. Point A records

    When you are ready to swap domain you need to point your A record for your new domain ( in this case) to our host IP of your site at Servebolt. An A record can be found and changed at your domain registrar DNS settings.

  3. Update URLs in database with WP-CLI

    Changing the domain URL in the database is necessary. For WordPress this can be done in wp-admin, but we prefer doing it through SSH with this CLI command:

    wp search-replace [OLD URL] [NEW URL] --all-tables

    We have also made an article explaining how to update URLs in database. If that is not possible for your CMS we have an alternative using SED.

  4. (Optional) Setup a domain-based redirection rule

    When A records at your domain registrar are changed and pointed to our host IP you can setup a domain-based redirection rule to point to in the settings of your site.

    Now you are done and visitors for will get sent to

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