Adding Developers and Technical Contacts to a Bolt

Adding developers or a technical contact can be done by first navigating to the Bolt that you want to add a contact to. Here you should see a section called Access. Invited users/contacts who are not registered in our system will receive an email on how to register before gaining access.

Image showing the access section of a Bolt


The owner possesses complete control over the Bolt and is granted full management access. This role entails overall ownership and the authority to execute any action related to the Bolt.

Technical contact

The technical contact got full management access to the Bolt and serves as the primary point of contact for technical issues. Exclusive responsibility includes receiving error output from configured cron jobs on the Bolt. Only one technical contact can be assigned at a time.


Developers got management access to the Bolt, allowing them to modify settings for the Bolt and all associated sites. While developers can request a change of price plan, they do not have the capability to directly implement such changes.