Can I use Accelerated Domains on a WordPress Multisite?

To be short: yes you can. 

There are some things you need to keep in mind though on how Multisite works and how this might affect your usage of Accelerated Domains. The first thing to keep in mind is that Accelerated Domains is configured per hostname/domain name. The second is that Multisite can be configured to use either directories for the extra sites, or (sub)domains.  Following this there are three distinct situations that might occur:

WP Multisite based on directories

When you have multisite set up with sub-directories your network is running on the same hostname is used for all sites. Accelerated Domains will therefore work on all sites without the need to take any extra steps.

WP Multisite based on (sub)domains – partially running on Accelerated Domains

It is possible to run only a part of your Multisite network through Accelerated Domains. We can set up the preferred domain as a Accelerated Domain while the remainder of your network continues being served from the regular Servebolt infrastructure. 

Be aware that Accelerated Domains then won’t be able to secure the site fully unless all domains in the network are running on Accelerated Domains.

WP Multisite based on (sub)domains – all running on Accelerated Domains

If you want blazing speed for your entire Multisite network we can configure Accelerated Domains for all hostnames being used. Accelerated Domains is a per hostname service. So for every site you want to include in your Accelerated Domains you need to place an order to make that happen. 

If you wish to order Accelerated Domains for just one hostname, or want to expand your Multisite network across the Accelerated Domains infrastructure you can place an order using this form