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Servebolt is next level high performance managed hosting with a strong focus on scalability and security.

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Blazingly fast hosting without complexity

Modern, slimmed down and tuned

While others try to add more components to their hosting to make it go faster, we decided to build our hosting cloud fast from the ground up. We did so by stripping out everything we knew was deadweight.

Our hosting is amazingly fast, without the use of complicated HTML caching strategies, cache in memory and so on. Instead, our platform makes sure both cached and uncached requests are immediate.

And of course, this applies to the back-end as well.

Learn why Servebolt is the fastest

The performance of your site is the first thing you notice before anything else. Based on the initial experience, your visitors either decide to stay or leave your site irrespective of its unique proposition.

Servebolt’s unique approach enables your sites to serve fast web pages without adding complexities. We strategically built our hosting cloud from the ground up while focusing on raw performance that is not dependent on a single element but rather on a number of optimizations spread across our hosting environment.

This does not only ensure the consistent sheer performance you get out of the box but also makes your site reliable and sustainable.

Here’s the overview of how Servebolt is faster for every visitor landing on your site:

Faster TTFB

Time to first byte (TTFB) is the time in which the browser receives the response against the very first request server processes. TTFB is what sets the first impression of your online store and should therefore be fast. Servebolt reduces TTFB by reducing unnecessary database requests, optimized PHP code processing, using smart HTML caching, and many other customizations at server level.

Faster Network Transfer

Data travels back and forth through the network from the server to your site or store. If the distance is greater and the data package is bigger then it will take more time to transport from one place to another. This is commonly known as latency. Servebolt solves latency by supporting HTTP/2 and and offers Accelerated Domains to leverage their vast network of CDN to reduce latency for static assets.

Faster Browser Rendering

Browser rendering is mostly dependent on the quality of the code and specifications of the user’s device. Servebolt’s hosting helps by minimizing the workload by optimizing the assets browser needs to render. Also, the faster server response time and low-latency enhance the overall experience which gives a positive impact on browser rendering.

Servebolt hosting is 100% managed

There is no reason to spend your web developers’ time focusing on server management. That’s what we are good at, and the reason why we only provide managed hosting.

Servebolt Managed Hosting enables developers and teams to focus 100% of the working hours on development. We take care of server updates, optimization, security upgrades, patches, dealing with possible hardware failures, network outages and all the other things that can happen.

You and your team can focus on developing the best site or store possible, and making money.

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Support by Experts

We are here for you when you need us

Our expert support team is happy to help you with any questions you have or advice you need. While we won’t actually fix code, we do go the extra mile in helping you figure out what’s going on and point you in the right direction of where the fix should be applied.

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When you need us

Our support team of experts is available via chat and email. For support or advice.

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When you do not need us

Our OPS team monitors our cloud’s health 24/7/365 and makes sure everything runs smoothly, so that you don’t have to think about it.

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When you want to improve

Our web performance experts can provide you with qualified insights into how your unique WordPress hosting can make your site faster.

99.9% uptime guarantee SLA always included
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Bolt basics

Lightning fast processors

All our processors have Hyperthreading, and Servebolt Linux is optimized to use Hyperthreading the best way possible. Hyperthreading means that processors can work faster, and on multiple tasks at the same time.

Lightning fast networking

We utilize faster networking, including Infiniband, which ensures lightning-fast transfer of data between computers in our network and minimal latency within our network. The result is that our servers can communicate with each other at the same speed as if they were the same server.

Servebolt Linux

We develop, optimize, and maintain our own distribution of Linux. Servebolt Linux is optimized for maximum speed at all levels and maximum utilization of our hardware. This ensures that your website or store is faster in the Servebolt Cloud.

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Optimized MariaDB and PHP

Servebolt is about performance at all levels. Therefore we also have our own versions of PHP and MariaDB, which are optimized for maximum performance. Most sites see a 2-6x improvement in performance when moving to Servebolt.

How do Bolts compare?

What’s the difference between Servebolt Bolts and other hosting alternatives?

Shared hosting

Shared hosting compares to a tent on a campsite. You only have few resources, and it’s super annoying when your neighbors decide to throw a party. And it only fits up to 4 people.


A VPS is like having an apartment in an apartment building. You have your own space, but it’s still small. Room for 1-15, but you have to refurbish and maintain the inside of your apartment yourself.

Dedicated server

Just like with a house, a dedicated server is comfortable. Noisy neighbors don’t matter, and you have all the space to yourself. You can host a party with up to 100 people, but noone is there to clean up after you. You also have to maintain the house, all the time.


Living in a container is cheap, and you can always add one more container to fit more people. But, living in a container will never be comfortable. And it was not intended as a living arrangement in the first place. Hosting your site with containers is just the exact same thing.

Cloud hosting

Hosting your site in the cloud is living in a yet-to-finish skyscraper. All the space you need, but not necessarily when you need it. Bathroom on the ground floor, kitchen on the top floor. Unused space in-between. And the cost of maintaining a skyscraper is always a bit foggy.


Your site on a Bolt in the Servebolt Cloud is like renting one floor in a skyscraper, with the possibility to host a party in the whole building if you want to. Including rooftop parties. The building is fully maintained, you only need to bring your furniture. All this for one agreed price per month.

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Popular Platforms

Our Bolts support a wide range of platforms and CMSes

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is the World's most popular CMS, and powers over 41% of the internet
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WooCommerce Hosting

WooCommerce is the most popular e-Commerce platform in the World
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Magento 2

Fast Magento 2 hosting to deliver a great customer experience
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Amazingly fast Laravel hosting
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Tools to serve you better

Accelerated Domains

Need even more performance? Accelerated Domains is an easy set-and-forget service that will greatly improve four key elements of your site. Namely, performance, scalability, security, and sustainability.

Check out how we can even further improve the performance of your site even further locally and globally by adding Accelerated Domains.

Servebolt Optimizer Plugin

Our Servebolt Optimizer plugin helps your WooCommerce store to deliver cached resources faster without breaking your site than conventional caching plugins.

Servebolt’s Cache Engine works on the smart layer outside of WordPress. This means your WordPress site does not need to be loaded for caching to work. It sets the correct headers that enable the NGINX web server to cache HTML without ever touching the expensive PHP layer. Saving you precious resources and delivering cache faster at the same time.

Green Hosting from a green company

Green hosting can mean a lot, and for most hosting companies it just means running the data center, servers and services within it on green, renewable energy. For Servebolt, however, it means a lot more!

Servebolt, like any other company, has energy consumption and a carbon footprint outside the data centers that hosts our technical infrastructure. In our view, we cannot label our product as green hosting just because we run our data centers on green and renewable energy. We consume energy and produce carbon emissions indirectly in our offices and when we need to travel, for instance. We want to do more, be a climate positive company as a whole, and raise the threshold for those who want to put the green hosting label on their product.