Advanced Caching options

Version 3.2 of our Servebolt Optimizer plugin introduces a couple of improvements. You can read more about the impact of this release in our 3.2 announcement post on our main site.

Menu cache performance

Loading menus is something that is done on almost any site. They are, however, almost always generated on the fly. Wouldn’t it be great if you could cache them? Using the latest version of our plugin, the Servebolt Optimizer, allows you to do just that! By caching the menu items you can decrease the Time To First Byte by several milliseconds, even if there are only a few items in your menu.

Translation performance

If you choose to use a translated version of WordPress that’s completely understandable. After all: you want your site in the native language of your intended audience. But this comes with a slight downside. Each time your site gets loaded, the translation files need to be loaded as well.

In our latest version of the Servebolt Optimizer WordPress plugin, we’ve added a feature known as the Translation Loader Performance. Using this, the plugin allows you to cache the content of the translation files, shaving off precious time when loading your site.

Full changelog

  • Improved automated cache purging – The automatic cache purge has been improved, primarily in 3 areas. Whenever a post/term gets deleted then the cache gets purged. Whenever an attachment gets updated (resized, cropped etc.) we purge cache for URLs, including all image sizes if the attachment is an image. Whenever a post gets excluded from the HTML Cache (formerly Full Page Cache) then we also purge cache.
  • Custom cache TTL per post type – One can now control the cache TTL (time-to-live) per post type. This allows for more fine-grained cache control.
  • More fine-grained access control to cache purge feature – Previously only administrators could purge cache. This is now changed using more fine-grained capability checks – administrators and editors can now purge cache, while authors can purge cache for their own posts. Contributors and subscribers cannot purge cache.
  • Better Jetpack compatibility – Previously the Jetpack Site Accelerator was in conflict with Servebolt’s Accelerated Domains. This is now fixed with Site Accelerator being disabled whenever Accelerated Domains or Accelerated Domains Image Resize-feature is active.
  • Menu cache performance feature – We’ve added a new performance enhancing feature – WordPress menu cache. This usually decreases TTFB with several milliseconds, even for menus with few items. The feature also includes automatic cache purge whenever a menu gets updated.
  • Translation loader performance feature – We’ve added a new performance enhancing feature – improved WordPress translations file loader. Whenever WordPress loads the translations from MO-files this causes a lot disk I/O. This feature will cache the MO-file using transients which in return decreases the loading time.