WordPress Plugins that Break Caching

Plugins that prevent caching limit the performance of your website, and reduce the scalability. It is also usually unnecessary, as there are techniques that can be applied to provide the same functionality, without preventing your pages from being cached.

This article provides an overview of plugins in the WordPress repository that have implemented features in a way that breaks caching standards and best practices. By installing these plugins, it is likely that parts of your website (sometimes your whole website) will not be cached like intended.

If you’re a plugin developer and have fixed the implementation in one of the plugins in this least, please let us know and we’ll test your fix, and update the list accordingly.

Plugin NamePlugin SlugExplanation
YITH WooCommerce Wishlistyith-woocommerce-wishlistThe plugin breaks caching by setting cookies on all product pages. This issue is reported here and here and is unresolved. It is also an issue in their Premium version of the plugin.
Anti-Spam by Cleantalkcleantalk-spam-protectAnti-Spam by Cleantalk will also set-cookies, which will bypass caching. There is a fix however as stated here.
Solution: Go to: WordPress Admin Page —> Settings —> Anti-Spam by CleanTalk —> Advanced settings —>
• set the option “Set cookies” to “Off”.
Instant-design-toolInstant-design-toolSet-cookies on free and paid versions.
ultimate-elementorultimate-elementorSet-cookies on free and paid versions.
woostify-prowoostify-proSet-cookies on free and paid versions.
VarkTech Pricing Deals for WooCommerceSet-cookies on paid versions.
ti-woocommerce-wishlist-premiumti-woocommerce-wishlist-premiumSet-cookies on free and paid versions.
easy-digital-downloadseasy-digital-downloadsCookie, PHPSESSID on paid versions.
woocommerce-checkout-field-editor-prowoocommerce-checkout-field-editor-proCookie, PHPSESSID on paid versions.

Do not confuse with “woo-checkout-field-editor-pro”, the free plugin
eu-vat-for-woocommerce-proeu-vat-for-woocommerce-proCookie, PHPSESSID on free and paid versions.

The session type can be changed in wp-admin.