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Green hosting

We believe in a greener future. Servebolt’s Green hosting offers the fastest most scalable hosting using the most sustainable energy in the most energy optimized fashion. Super green hosting.

  • Fast and efficient
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Renewable energy

We care for and our planet

At Servebolt, we don’t provide green hosting and grey hosting. We only do green hosting, and always have.

Green energy

At Servebolt we only use green, renewable energy

Reducing energy consuption

Our hosting infrastructure is built to reduce energy consuption

Planting trees

We capture CO2 by planting new trees and climate forests

What is Green Hosting?

We believe in a greener future. Servebolt’s Green hosting offers the fastest most scalable hosting using the most sustainable energy in the most energy optimized fashion. But what is Green Hosting?

Green hosting consists of three parts. It starts with using only green, renewable energy. The next step is to use as little energy as possible. Lastly, we offset that which we cannot make green. Servebolt’s version of green hosting means that all three elements are maximized to the best of our ability.

Super green hosting.

Benefits of Green Hosting

  1. Since we’re only using renewable energy to power our data centers, your website will always be powered by the environmentally friendly source of energy.

  2. Servebolt’s green hosting means your site will not only be green, it will also enjoy the fastest hosting platform out there.

  3. Servebolt allows you to offset your website’s carbon footprint even further by planting trees to compensate your site’s carbon footprint.

  4. You help make the planet greener. Literally and figuratively.

What type of Green Hosting does Servebolt offer?

  1. All Servebolt plans are part of our green hosting offering. It’s as simple as creating a Servebolt account, add a Bolt, migrate your site and start enjoying the greenest hosting out there.

  2. You want more? We got more. Our Accelerated Domains add-on service will make your site faster, use less energy and stop malicious resource hogging unwanted traffic such as bad bots and spam bots.

Using green hosting to power your website is the most environmentally friendly way of hosting your website. The greener your energy source the better. Combined with the fastest website hosting means your site is always performing as green as possible. Helping save the planet and enjoying your site in its fastest version possible.

Green Hosting from a green company

Green hosting can mean a lot, and for most hosting companies it just means running the data center, servers and services within it on green, renewable energy. For Servebolt, however, it means a lot more!

Servebolt, like any other company, has energy consumption and a carbon footprint outside the data centers that hosts our technical infrastructure. In our view, we cannot label our product as green hosting just because we run our data centers on green and renewable energy. We consume energy and produce carbon emissions indirectly in our offices and when we need to travel, for instance. We want to do more, be a climate positive company as a whole, and raise the threshold for those who want to put the “green hosting” label on their product.

Sustainable Hosting Infrastructure

The hardware we use, our Servebolt Cloud, our entire hosting infrastructure is built with sustainability and performance in mind. We select hardware that has a solid performance/power balance. Let us explain in more detail.

What is energy efficient hardware?

As a general rule of thumb, new hardware is more energy efficient. CPU core density, speed and cache sizes are increasing for every generation, while the power consumption mostly is kept in check on the same levels.

That said, the highest performing hardware has a performance/power ratio that is very poor. You can typically use 50% more power, while gaining less than 10% more performance.

That’s why we at Servebolt select hardware that has a solid performance/power balance, and then our software stack delivers 50-100% more speed and efficiency than others achieve on equivalent hardware.

What does a Green Hosting Stack look like?

A Green Hosting stack has to be powered by green energy, use modern resource efficient hardware, and run a software stack that minimizes the resource consumption per web request.

The stack has to deliver exceptional uncached performance in addition to leveraging caching efficiently in order to minimize resource consumption.

How is Servebolt Cloud different from AWS or Google Cloud?

Resource utilization and customer density on Servebolt is much higher than what you can achieve by hosting in Google Cloud or Amazon AWS.

The generic public clouds have a large amounts of idle resources, powered on servers that are not in use. In the Servebolt Cloud we constantly keep on minimizing our use of computing resouces.

By avoiding containerization, virtualization and fixed partitioning and sales of server resources, we bring resource efficiency to new levels and are minimizing resource waste.

Does Green hosting affect Web Performance?

Your site will consume energy on both the server it is hosted as on, on the switches on the network path it travels over the internet, and on the device being used to visit your site. Minimizing the size of data, storing fewer bits and bytes, having more efficient scripts, css and php code, all have an impact. The better your site is optimized for performance, the greener your site is.  We’re taking care of optimizing your site for speedy processing times on the server, but what happens in the browser affects web performance and sustainability as well.

Core Web Vitals are a great indication of how optimized your site is. It will tell you if you’re loading too much and if what you’re loading is too large or larger than it has to be. It’s one of the tools you need to keep an eye on to make sure you’re not wasting valuable resources. The greener your site is, the greener your webhosting is, the faster your site will be. Switching to Servebolt’s green hosting enables you to achieve the greenest and fastest version of your website.

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Animated speedometer showing fast speeds

WordPress & Sustainability

WordPress is one the most popular CMS’s in the world covering more than 40% of the CMS market. It’s also the most popular CMS with us at Servebolt.

A WordPress site, just like any other site, can be built as a sustainable site. By hosting with with us you’re already benefitting from using renewable energy, but it’s the fast processing times that really makes your site as green as it can be.

Our smart Caching Engine further helps reduce energy expenditure by caching as much as possible. This results in the most efficient way to serve your WordPress site on the internet.

How does green hosting compare to other hosting?

Green hosting consists of two component: the energy it consumes, and where that energy is coming from. Servebolt doesn’t distinguish between Green hosting and regular hosting with regard to origin hosting.

  1. Servebolt is using renewable energy for our data centers and where we’re not meeting that requirement, we’re compensating our remaining carbon footprint via our partner Trefadder.

  2. Servebolt’s hosting has a strong focus on performance resulting in shorter execution times and combined with Accelerated Domains you’ll be receiving the fastest hosting in the world. As well as being the greenest hosting.

Green hosting will always produce a faster, more scalable, and more sustainable site.

Will moving to Servebolt make my site greener?

There are two steps in making your website greener. Moving to Servebolt’s hosting would be the first step. That will make your site start using green, sustainable, renewable energy. It will also make your site consume less energy by processing every site request much faster.

Which in turn will make your site a lot faster as well. The second step is optimizing your site and its assets. From minimizing to smart loading of CSS and JavaScript files. This in turn will also make your site faster. However, this is a step you’ll have to perform yourself in order to get the greenest version of your site possible.

If you need help with this, we can recommend a partner from our Servebolt Agency Partner Program to help you optimize. Just reach out to our Support Team and we’ll be happy to get you in contact with a partner of ours.

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Sustainable Web Development

The craft of developing fast and performant websites is very similar to creating green and sustainable websites. Sustainable web development is concerned about every single aspect of what your site does. What it loads, when it has to load it, and how optimized what needs to be loaded is. The performance first workflow is a very good starting point for making your website greener.

Combine this with building efficient database usage on top of Servebolt’s green hosting, and you’re off to a great start creating the greenest, most sustainable version of your website.

Illustration of server technician working on a rack

Carbon Footprint

Hosting companies that power their infrastructure with polluting, non-green power, are at the maximum emitting CO2, equivalent to the power consumption of their infrastructure.

In addition, non-green operations will often keep outdated and inefficient hardware and software running for too long, without renewing and optimizing their infrastructure. Servebolt is walking a different path. Servebolt is going the extra mile to make sure we offset our CO2 impact where we can.

Your Site's CO2 Impact

Any website you put online will have a CO2 impact. The website will be visited by people, indexing robots, it has to reside on servers, and be transported over the network to its visitor.

Although the impact of a tiny website may seem small, the aggregates are massive numbers. The impact also stretches to all the devices that visitors connect with, and their production process and energy consumption.

Your Site's Carbon Emissions

There are a large variety of tools available online to help you calculate your carbon emissions.

We are using calculation models developed and validated by DNV (DNV is an international accredited registrar and classification society) in cooperation with our carbon offsetting partner Trefadder.

Offset Your Site's Carbon Footprint

Many industry organizations have started work to help you out finding the way to make carbon accounts correctly for your company. If your industry organization does not do this yet, you should ask them.

Your personal engagement is what will make us reach the common goal of a carbon neutral society.

Servebolt is working with Blix Solutions on hosting infrastructure, Trefadder AS on offsetting, and engaging in various sustainability oriented business networks, and partnerships with agencies on development of frameworks for sustainable web development.


We're planting new, 100% traceable climate forest with Trefadder

Trefadder is part of our solution to reach the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDG). Specifically, number 13 Life on Land, and 15 Climate Action. Trefadder captures carbon by planting new trees and climate forests. The added CO2 capturing capacity is guaranteed with a long term, 100% transparent, and traceable value chain. New climate forests are planted in the right places, with diversity, and at the right time.

At Servebolt we are overcompensating our remaining carbon footprint by planting trees, to make sure Servebolt as a company is having a net positive impact on the environment.

Green hosting pricing

Every single Servebolt plan is a Green Hosting plan. Servebolt believes in, and wants to contribute to, a greener future so we don’t charge anything extra for you to enjoy green hosting. Pick your plan and start enjoying the greenest hosting today!

High Performance

Small websites


Entry to extremely performant hosting

$99 monthly

  • 10 GB storage
  • 500 000 Dynamic Requests
  • 256 MB PHP memory limit
  • 5 production environments



For large websites and medium portfolios

$349 monthly

  • 40 GB storage
  • 1 million Dynamic Requests
  • 512 PHP memory limit
  • 25 production environments



For large websites and large portfolios

$699 monthly

  • 100 GB storage
  • 3 million Dynamic Requests
  • 768 MB PHP memory limit
  • 100 production environments
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