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PHP memory limit

PHP memory limit is the maximum amount of memory that a PHP script is allowed to allocate. This limit is set to prevent PHP scripts from consuming excessive memory and causing server problems.

How much PHP memory limit do you need?

The amount of PHP memory limit you need will depend on the type of PHP scripts you are running. If you are running simple PHP scripts, you may only need the standard 128MB of PHP memory limit. However, if you are running complex PHP scripts, such as scripts that process large amounts of data or generate complex images, you may need more. But more is not always the right way to go. Our recommended PHP memory settings for a healthy site are as follows:

  • A healthy standard WordPress site shouldn’t need more than 128MB
  • A healthy standard WooCommerce site shouldn’t need more than 256MB
  • A healthy standard Magento site shouldn’t need more than 768MB

You can read more about the PHP memory limit in our Help center.