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Stay up to date with changes on Servebolt. We spend our time researching and developing new features and optimisations, fixing bugs and maintaining our platform. Some changes are deployed continuously, and others are part of our normally three week long sprints. We’re posting the details here!


15 Jan 2019

  • new Platform-wide rollout of uptime increasing cache handling in error situations. This means your website may continue to work, while you have temporarily messed up something in your code.
    • nginx is now allowed to return stale data from cache for upstream http error responses 500, 502, 503 and 504
    • nginx is now allowed to return stale data on upstream connection timeouts or errors
  • security Finalized platform-wide rollout of patch for systemd CVEs
  • Rollout of PHP 7.2.14

11 Jan 2019

  • Platform-wide rollout of new versions and faster builds of PHP. Current versions:
    PHP 7.3.1 (2.5-4% faster than our latest 7.3.0 build) 👈 the very fastest
    PHP 7.2.13
    PHP 7.1.26
    Legacy version PHP 5.6 & 7.0 are not getting performance upgrades anymore.
  • admin panel v16.1 – two bug fixes

9 Jan 2019 🎉

  • Platform-wide rollout of WP-CLI 2.1.0

17 Dec 2018 – admin panel v16.0

Primarily a bug fix and clean-up release, leading into the holidays.

  • new New cron add logic will shorten commands that appear to have a stream redirection in them
  • new Disallow team members to delete bolts
  • new Allow bolt owners to be their own partner contacts
  • fix Display company name on partnership page
  • fix Fix for outgoing email after CVE affecting return-path headers
  • fix Multiple front-end styling fixes
  • fix Update core modules to latest release versions
  • fix Hide campaign code behind link on sign-up form
  • fix Catch Intercom http exceptions
  • fix Multiple fixes relating to bolts with no plans
  • fix Reorder internal access hooks to run in correct order
  • fix Make CIDR matching understand IPv6 addresses properly
  • fix Delete orphan access data (users or bolts)
  • +19 internal fixes and improvements

14 Dec 2018

  • Platform-wide rollout of security release of PHPMyAdmin 4.8.4. The security issues (CVEs) that were fixed in this PHPMyAdmin release had a low risk on our platform, because PHPMyAdmin runs in a contained environment separated from your bolts.
  • Beginning of the Servebolt changelog

The last few months we have deployed so many new features that we thought it was time to do this in a structured way. We begin our journey in the time right after the first PHP 7.3 release, PHP 5.6 in its last month and PHP 7.0 in EOL, support for http2push preload, Servebolt Admin Panel in version 15.1 with all its goodies. From this point forward we will share small and large developments on the Servebolt platform in this changelog.