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How long is a nano second?

Exactly how long is a nano second really? And how does it compare to a micro second? Grace Hopper is one of the great women in IT history, and gave a speech many years back where she explains and visualizes the length of time in a brilliant way.

Why are nano seconds important?

Is there a need to care about the difference between nano seconds and micro seconds? You’ll see from the video that the difference between micro seconds and nano seconds is of upmost importance.

Grace Hopper is the mother of programming language COBOL, and rumors has it she should be awarded the honor for the expression “debugging”. She used the first time in 1947 after removing a moth from the Mark II computer she was working on at Harvard University.

At Servebolt, we care about every nano second we spend. We do not like waiting for webpages to load!

Oskar Voldbakken Hesle

Technical Support Engineer - EMEA

Oskar is the person who loves to take things apart and put them back together to see how something works. Oskar has his background from the real life hardware side of things, should it be carpentry or bowling alley machines. Though he has always had a fine interest for 1's and 0's on the side. Oskar has been a Technical Support Engineer (EMEA) at Servebolt since 2019.

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