Can I get Root or Sudo Access?

Our short answer is no.

Why can’t I get sudo or root access?

First of all, the Servebolt Operations Team does the maintenance and configuration of the servers. That is our job, and part of our managed hosting product. The servers and their configuration is optimized for maximum performance.

We do not allow any clients to install custom applications, packages etc on our servers. This is part of our strategy of keeping the servers clean, fast and secure. Like professional production environments should be.

It is in your site/store’s best interest that we will not give anyone root or sudo access.

What if I absolutely need root or sudo?

If you think you need root or sudo to do something, please let us know. We can probably help you solve your issue.

If you are missing packages or libraries, we sometimes decide to custom build those after an evaluation and review of the package, its purpose, performance impact and use-case. 

If you want to alter configurations of nginx, mariadb or PHP, that is likely not possible and probably not needed. If you want to alter the behavior of Apache, you can configure that using .htaccess.

Everything related to configuration of your Bolt is done in the Servebolt Control Panel.