Magento 2 Tools on Servebolt

Magento 2 raised the requirements needed to get started, because it introduced a mandatory command line interface, use of composer, Github, access keys and many other concepts that are quite normal for developers, but can be hard to understand and manage for store owners.

We have done our best to standardize and simplify the DevOps side of Magento 2, providing a trustable, easy to understand environment where the underlying platform is 100% managed and maintained. 

Servebolt and Magento 2

This is how Servebolt helps you out with your Magento 2 installation:

File permissions

Changing file permissions is something your find in various Magento 2 documentation articles on the internet. However, with a Bolt, you will never have to think about file permissions again. We’ve configured them in the right and secure way and they will stay that way as you develop your Magento 2 sites

Command line tools (CLI)

The following CLI tools are available to you when you log into your Bolt via SSH.


The Swiss army knife of Magento 2 (n98-magerun2.phar) – for which we are happily sponsoring the hosting for – is available as a standard part of the hosting stack on Servebolt. This means that you can just write magerun2  from anywhere on the command line.


The built-in command line tool for Magento 2, referred to as  bin/magento  in all documentation, is available on our Bolts just by typing magento anywhere on the command line in your Magento Bolt.


Composer has also become a must-have and is also a standard part of the Servebolt hosting stack.


Having the npm build tools available is essential, especially for those that have started to build progressive web apps with React and such. We are currently working to make npm part of our standard hosting stack, and will release it for our partners in beta when internal alpha-testing is completed.

Servebolt M2Cache

Lastly, we have a dedicated Magento 2 extension available to active all the available caching options on our Bolts. You can learn more about the Servebolt M2Cache extension on our Github page

Next steps

Now that you’ve got Magento 2 running fast, secure and smooth on your Servebolt Bolt, here are some additional documentation articles you should check out:

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