Development domains

Our development domains makes it easy, fast and secure to develop new websites. Each development site receives a unique URL, which can’t be guessed by an external part, with a setup that prevents double indexing (and SEO penalties).

Fast and secure by default

The development domains are all secure by default, with SSL and HTTP/2 for improved performance. In combination with our development mode, easily activated through our control panel, development of new websites is a breeze with Servebolt.

Launch whenever you want

Development domains can be setup and used for free as long as you need. Whenever the new website is done, it’s easy to add your own domain name and launch the website.

More partner benefits

As a Servebolt partner you can develop new sites with our development domains and when ready to launch, just transfer them to a production Bolt for your client. It’s a major benefit for both our partners and their clients.

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