Servebolt Git Integration

Our Git integration is possibly the markets easiest Git integration to use. You can with one click pull in any branch in your Git repository to the web root of your site. The Git integration even comes with webhooks, which enable you to activate automatic deployment when changes happen in your Git repository. If you have not started using Git yet, we recommend you get started with Git immediately.

Git integration within the Servebolt Control Panel

The fastest Git integration

Our R&D team has worked hard to optimize our Git integration, and the result is phenomenal! Most Git deploys are complete in less than one second after you have clicked the “deploy” button. This makes the developer’s life easy, with no wait for deployment to complete. You can test our Git integration, for free, by setting up a free test Bolt.

Easy setup

To set up the Git integration properly you will need to do some configuration in your repository, like setting up the unique Git integration key to enable the Servebolt Cloud to access your repository. This process however has been made easy, with links to the correct settings page of your repository from the Servebolt Control Panel.

You can also easily change what branch of your repository our integration should deploy in our Control Panel. For more information about our git integration, please visit this article.

You can set up Git directly on your Bolt

If you do not wish to use our Git integration you have several other ways of using Git with Servebolt, one of them is to set Git up directly on the server. This would give you the regular command line-based Git, with all the features you are used to. By setting up Git this way you are also able to use e.g. all the pre-hooks in Git to smoothen your workflow.