Servebolt Optimizer v3.0.1

Fixed issue with post exception in cache headers

The feature to exclude posts from cache was broken due to wrong order in conditions in the cache header logic. This is now fixed.

Removed priority-attribute from plugin static asset actions

Due to cases of incompatibility between themes and other plugins we removed the priority-attribute from the actions that enqueued the plugins static assets. This means that the priority-attribute falls back to the default value of 10 which should be less likely to cause issue.

Resolved issue with single file composer packages not being included in autoloader

Certain packages were not included in the Composer autoloader due to an issue in Mozart (which was needed to resolve conflicts between composer packages used in WordPress plugins). The packages originated as dependencies of the Servebolt PHP SDK, and was solved by specifically including them in the plugins composer-file. The affected packages contained polyfills for the PHP functions http_build_query and getallheaders which means that this was only an issue in environment where these functions were not available in PHP.