New site-wide nano editor

A new version of the nano text editor has been added to all servers. It’s easily available through SSH, using the command “nano”. Here are some highlights in the new version release:

  • Shift + arrow-keys highlights text
  • Highlighted text can be deleted using the Del-key (Alt + U to undo)
  • Highlighted text can be intended using the Tab-key, ur unindented using Shift + Tab.
  • Alt + arrow-key up/down to scroll without moving cursor
  • CTRL + arrow-key left/right to jump between words
  • CTRL + arrow-key up/down to jump between sections
  • CTRL + Del-key to delete whole words
  • CTRL + R opens a new file in a new buffer (CTRL + T opens file browser when file name is requested)
  • ALT + arrow-key left/right to switch between open fill buffers

Softwrap is enabled by default, so you can see the whole line on screen, and it won’t cause any line wrap/cut issues. Nano can now also be started with --mouse to enable mouse support. Not necessarily useful, but it may be fun.