Git upgraded to 2.22

Our Git feature that allows for near instant deployment of your updated code in your defined branch has seen an upgrade today. We’ve upgraded Git on all our Bolts to Git 2.22. If you’re making use of our deployment Git integration in the Servebolt Control Panel, you don’t need to change anything. Everything will work as expected.

If you’re running a Git clone yourself somewhere in the public folder, you’ll have some extra features available to you now. We’re highlighting a few:

  • Git branch got the very helpful –show-current to learn which branch you have currently checked out. This should facilitate orientation within repos, while git difftool can now run outside of repositories.
  • Users can create a branch from the merge base of two other branches, since the branch and checkout -b commands are now able to understand the triple-dot merge base syntax (e.g. git branch new A…B).  
  • git stash is now a pure C implementation, which should improve performance amongst other things.