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Servebolt welcomes Remkus de Vries to the team

Servebolt is a growing company. Every hire we do must be thought through, strategic and provide growth to the company. The current Servebolt team consists of people with deep-level expertise in hosting, eCommerce, platforms like WordPress, WooCommerce and Magento and speed optimization in all levels of serving a website.

In that light, we are honored and proud to announce that Remkus de Vries is joining the Servebolt team.

Remkus, with his skills and experience, will fit right in to the already awesome Servebolt team.

– Erlend Eide, CEO @ Servebolt.com

Remkus is one of the co-founders of WordCamp Europe and has proven to be an active and visible figure in the WordPress Community over the past 12+ years. He joins the Servebolt team with the experience as Manager of Partnerships at Yoast, and from running a WordPress agency for 14 years.

After seeing Servebolt results in Review Signal 2019, I had to give the platform a test. I quickly discovered that Servebolt is the only company in the WordPress hosting space that has a truly superior hosting product and actually is substantially faster. This made me a huge fan of the product. And as I have gotten to know the team behind it, I got even more excited about the company itself!

I was thrilled to learn I had an opportunity to join the Servebolt team and help them move the fastest WordPress hosting company of the planet forward.

– Remkus de Vries

At Servebolt, Remkus will be Head of Partner & Customer Relationships. He will lead the Agency Partnership Program at Servebolt, ensuring our partners have the best hosting offering to their clients possible. He will also be responsible for clients onboarding to Servebolt.

The first time I met Remkus, I thought he would be a perfect fit for the Servebolt team. That’s over two years ago, and I’m very excited to have him on board now!

Thomas Audunhus @ Servebolt.com

With Remkus’ experience and commitment to the WordPress community, it’s a given he will be Servebolt’s go-to person for community work as well. Especially within the WordPress Community.

Remkus will have his base in the Netherlands, together with Servebolt CEO Erlend Eide.

Erlend Eide

CEO, Servebolt

Erlend founded Servebolt in 2014 and is currently growing Servebolt internationally from Amsterdam, Netherlands. The passion for performance has been growing ever since the web started to get slower. Servebolt is part of the remedy. Erlend is a serial-entrepreneur, loves start-ups and has founded a series of companies the last 20 years. The Internet has always been his domain.

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