Press Release: Servebolt Raises Capital – Building the World’s Fastest Cloud

Servebolt AS closed a funding round that secured the company €500,000 in fresh capital from 23 new investors. There are customers, partners, and industry professionals among the new investors. The raised capital will be invested in developing the platform into a full-blown PaaS/IaaS vendor with its specialized Cloud, the Servebolt Cloud.

Servebolt Cloud is a cloud specialized in operating websites, e-commerce, and web applications. The growth potential is huge, where around 70% of websites on the internet could be operating in the Servebolt Cloud.

The Goal: Take Market Share from Amazon and Google

Servebolt’s specialized Cloud offering has the goal to compete with Amazon and Google, where Servebolt has the performance advantage with its core strengths. 

“Amazon and Google provide general multi-purpose Clouds, where anything can run. We build and operate a specialized Cloud, that is better, more sustainable and faster for websites, shops and applications that build on frameworks like WordPress, Laravel, Magento and many more.”

Erlend Eide – CEO @ Servebolt

Servebolt has already measured forces against the largest players in the industry, where many use Google or Amazon for their infrastructure. Independent tests show that Servebolt’s Cloud is faster in all areas.

Fast International Growth

Servebolt is currently seeing faster growth outside of its origin country, Norway, and already has an international presence with offices in the Netherlands and with data centers on all large continents. The company launched a new data center in London to cater to the local market on the British Isles. 

Acting CFO Ragnar Bø informs that Servebolt, during a relatively short period of time, has had great success with its internationalization strategy and that more than 50% of revenue already comes from abroad.

API First

Servebolt’s strategy to reach a broader audience with their services is to continue development in an API-first fashion. This means that new features and services will be provided through APIs before making a graphical user interface. This makes it possible for customers and partners to build products and services on top of Servebolt’s infrastructure.