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Performance Test Magento 2 Demo Store New York

We just had to put up a Magento 2 demo store in our brand-new data center in New York today to give you the feeling of how amazingly fast our servers do Magento 2.

We installed the standard installation of the latest Magento 2.2 on a standard 16GB Servebolt Magento 2 plan and then used the generate-fixtures performance testing feature to fill the store with the Medium profile. The medium profile generates a store with 24 000 products with variations and images, tax rates, customers, and so forth.

We are performance geeks and like to compare performance and speed on all levels. Therefore, we’d love to hear what numbers this command produces on the host you are currently using;

$ magento setup:perf:generate-fixtures setup/performance-toolkit/profiles/ce/medium.xml

Fixture generation took 21 minutes and 16 seconds on our test host using the medium profile:

When generation finished, it was time to make the first visit to the first-ever Servebolt Magento 2 installation in the United States.

$ magento deploy:mode:set -s production

We put it in production mode, skipping compilation – because we assume that actually will slow things down (let’s test that later!).

It worked like a charm!

Time for Performance Testing – Faster than 99%

Let it be said, before you read these results – that this site is running without external object caching (REDIS/Memcached) and uses Magento’s default built in Full Page Cache, so no Varnish.

After some clicking around and testing, we ran it through Pingdom – testing the front page from New York. With the following results;

Who cares about performance grade when everything is finished loading in 236ms, being faster than 99%?

Category pages tend to be heavier, so we ran the same test on a random category:

We don’t know how this compares, but our hunch is that it is fast. A Load time finish of 280ms for 195 requests almost sounds too good to be true.

The thing with Magento 2 and E-Commerce stores, in general, is that it is not all about the front page. People land on random pages, so we gave Screaming Frog SEO spider a spin to check the response times throughout the site.

This test was carried out from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, from Amsterdam, with 70-80ms of extra latency compared to testing from New York.

The average response time of 0.17 seconds says it all. Magento 2 with 16 000 products is a piece of cake – and should be super fast, without using Redis and Varnish.

If you are really interested in Magento Performance, also make sure to check out our big test of Magento performance in northern Europe.

Are you ready to test? Let us set up a test for you – say hello on our chat!