New Login Flow, Better Security & New Features Up Next

Part of our Mission and Vision is to look for more harmony in the tools we provide actively, the hosting services we offer, and the services we provide. Based on client feedback and forward-thinking, we’re constantly improving everything we touch and do. One of the things you saw recently as a result of this approach is the launch of Accelerated Domains.

Opportunities it offers

There’s a huge reward in having innovation be part of your core approach to what you’re building next. It allows you to align your product and services with your values continuously. What this then provides are building blocks, which will, in various ways, support us in our mission to solve fast hosting for you. Accelerated Domains is again a perfect example, as it’s an add-on service that’s very visible in what it offers. But we focus on background features as well.

What did we do

We’re excited to share that we recently rolled out a strengthened security architecture touching our Control Panel. We launched this new login experience on top of a completely new and improved authentication architecture. This new architecture, with the well-renowned user identity system Auth0 at its core, allows us to implement better security policies faster and without compromising the security of our users and our architecture. Because we store your passwords encrypted, we couldn’t migrate your old passwords to our new architecture. This is why we’re asking you to reset your password upon logging in for the first again.

What does this mean for you?

Upgrading our login experience allows us to do two things, really. The first is the most obvious in that it includes stronger password requirements than before. Passwords now need to have a minimum length of 8 characters and contain both lowercase and uppercase letters, as well as at least one digit. More about that specifically in our Help Center article.

The second thing this architectural change allows us to do is to continue our work on improving and expanding our Control Panel. This change laid the foundation for a whole array of improvements we have planned for the Control Panel, such as 2FA and more!

What does this allow us to do in the future?

Our new login flow allows us to start improving our Control Panel in ways we weren’t able to do before. It allows us to start working on exciting improvements we have identified. The new login experience and authentication system allow us to support new authentication procedures. Features like multi-factor authentication and hardware tokens, more easily added in the future. We will launch the support for multi-factor authentication within a few months.

But that’s not all. It allows us to kickstart the process of adding valuable new features to the Control Panel. At the core of these new features is our “API first” approach. Having all features in our Control Panel be part of our Servebolt API will allow you, as a client or agency, to build all kinds of integrations on top of them.

Stay tuned for what’s next in our continuous efforts to provide better, faster, easier, and more secure hosting. We’ve got some exciting things in the works!