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Why is Servebolt the Fastest Hosting Alternative?

The internet is getting slower and servers stopped getting faster over a decade ago. Modern websites and stores are built on steadily heavier and more complex frameworks. Meanwhile, the majority of users are now mobile with varying connection speeds.

We believe a faster internet is the key to deliver an amazing user experience. Conventional hosting and regular cloud services do not solve the web performance problem. That’s why we created Servebolt, to be faster than everyone else.

Research Driven Speed Improvements

Servebolt’s ongoing research project «Infiniband Fabric High Performance Web Hosting Cluster» continuously delivers new performance enhancements that are deployed for all our customers. The project is partly funded by the Research Council of Norway’s program SkatteFUNN.

Twice the Performance of Alternative Hosting

Servebolt’s hosting platform is proven to deliver more than twice the performance of comparable setups. The performance enhancements are delivered with less complex technology than competitors use to speed up websites. This makes it simpler for both developers and website owners, and reduces costs.

Computing Power Based Performance

Servebolt’s performance increases the speed of all parts of your website. It exceeds the limits of cache based performance, and applies globally. Both site visitors and site admins get much faster response times. Every individual working with, or visiting, your website will save time on every single click.

We make decisions in favour of performance from end-to-end. From hardware choice, OS and the application stack – to the internal networking, downstream networking and rendering in the browser on the user’s device.


High-performance Networking

We minimise network latency by running 100Gbit Infiniband networking. This technology is normally used in super computers and network response time is more than seven times faster than 10Gbit Ethernet.

End-to-end Optimisation

Performance is the sum of optimisations of hardware, software and networking. Servebolt optimises all parts to the bleeding edge. Others don't do this because it's time consuming and costly. We do it because it gives you a faster website, and us a competitive advantage.

Security and Platform Maintenance

Another positive effect of our tailored platform is increased security. Fewer applications and less code means better control, and fewer security issues. The platform is maintained as a whole, which ensures that your website always receives all security patches, updates and performance improvements.

The network’s high availability design enables live maintenance, with a minimum of downtime.


The Performance Basics

Servebolt has a unique approach to web performance, with a technology platform like no other. Hardware, software and networking are the team players. The key to great performance is to save resources and reduce latency, for all operations in the process of delivering a web page.

Extreme Hardware

Optimised for security and performance, running only modern hardware.
No costly virtualization
SSD Only, in RAID
High Performance CPUs
Infiniband Network

Tailored Software

The software platform runs everything developers love, including platform specific tools like integrated git, wp-cli, magento, n98-magerun and composer.
PHP 7.x
NGINX and Apache