Speed is of the essence

E-commerce hosting

The attention span of website visitors is limited. The time you have to convert a visitor into a customer is short.

Research suggests that a faster performing website increases engagement,  conversions and customer satisfaction.

Supported platform

  • WooCommerce
  • Magento 1 & 2
  • Craft Commerce
  • and more...
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Time is money

Research shows that 1 second of extra loading time can reduce sales by 7%.

1 second faster load time increase your revenue with

70 every day

Servebolt Cloud Locations

You are currently ~75ms from the closest Servebolt Cloud Location

We have placed our Cloud regions strategically to ensure that as many users as possible have the lowest latency possible, meaning that data doesn’t have to travel so far – yes, data travels too!

Servebolt Cloud Region Locations

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the performance first cloud

Servebolt Cloud

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Built for Performance

The platform is designed for speed from the ground up. Starting with hardware selection, our own Servebolt Linux OS and custom PHP and MariaDB builds.

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Every Bolt is contained and secure, backed up and the Servebolt Cloud is continuously maintained with security patches, updates and upgrades.


The standard scalability of Bolts exceeds anything you’d ever get out of a VPS or dedicated server.


Hardware fails. Therefore the Servebolt Cloud is built consistently with duplicated components, that allow no-downtime fail-overs and hardware replacement without service disruptions.

What makes Servebolt faster?

The journey of a thousand tweaks

Servebolt Linux

We maintain our own Linux distribution, and optimize every bit and part of it for web performance.


The Servebolt MariaDB builds ensure that your database queries are processed faster than you have ever experienced before.


Servebolt has teamed with the best internet networking operators, and even use low latency Infiniband for internal networking in some regions.

Custom built PHP

We build our own software packages. This allows us to optimize for web performance, unlike stock PHP which is configured for general workloads.

Want to know even more? Read about how the Servebolt Cloud works.

It's easy

Free migrations

All new customers receive free hands-on migration from our on-boarding team. You’ll even get an evaluation of your current state, and a few tips on how to improve.

How to migrate to Servebolt
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“My team was busy solving hosting, scaling and optimisation problems with our previous hosting provider. After moving to Servebolt our site has just worked without any issues. That allows my team to focus all energy on developing new features and content for our sites”

– Bhanu Ahluwalia, CEO, MyThemeShop.com

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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. Servebolt owns all servers and core networking infrastructure, it is not rented from any third party cloud provider.
Yes we are. Please see our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for implementation details. We also provide a Data Processing Agreement (DPA).
Yes. For new clients, a free migration is always included.

About Servebolt

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