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Magento EE

Managed Magento Enterprise Edition hosting

Magento Enterprise Edition is built for scale, and runs faster and smoother for everyone on Servebolt hosting. Enjoy all the benefits of high performance managed  Servebolt Cloud hosting for your store.

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We speeding up Magento Commerce

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Amazingly fast performance

Magento Commerce runs much faster on Servebolt, because databases and the hosting stack perform 100-400% faster than alternative hosting. Servebolt also features custom built PHP that increases the core performance of Magento.


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The best user experience

The power of Servebolt applies to all users of your store. This means that the speed increases for store admins, for window shoppers and most importantly, for shopping customers and during checkout.

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Infrastructure as a service

The Servebolt Cloud is managed and provides an always updated environment for your Magento Commerce store. Backups, updates, security patches and day-to-day operations are dealt with by the Servebolt Enterprise team.

What can you expect?

It is easy to migrate to Servebolt, and the results are instant. After deploying your site on a Bolt, you can further optimize Magento Commerce by removing dependencies, modules and code that is not necessary on Servebolt.

When the dead weight is removed, Servebolt specific hosting stack optimizations and full page caching can be enabled to increase your ability to scale.


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Magento 1

The Servebolt Cloud supports all Magento 1 versions that run PHP 7.1 or higher.

See our Magento 1 offering

Magento 2

We provide full featured support and a simplified console setup for all Magento 2 platforms.

See our Magento 2 offering

Deploy Magento Commerce your way

Git workflows

Servebolt features built-in control panel based Git that safely checks out fresh code, either by clicking a button or by using web hooks for automatic deployment.

Git is of course also available on the command line, if you prefer your own custom setup.

Custom deployment tools

Bolts integrate smoothly with deployment tools like Capistrano, DeployHQ, TeamCity and all the others. Use the tools you prefer!

You can use all deployment tools that are SSH or SFTP based.

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Expert Magento support

Depending on your teams needs we provide the assistance that you require.

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Scaling Magento

Our team happily assist you with qualified recommendations and implementation best practices to ensure that Magento performs during heavy traffic events.

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Available when you need us

You can reach our expert support team by phone, chat and e-mail. If you have special support requirements, we provide options extending the standard Magento support.

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When you do not need us

You can rest assured that we are on watch 24/7/365, so your team can start every working day fresh and fit for fight. Backups, monitoring and disruption handling is all included.

The Servebolt Cloud hosting SLA comes with a 100% network and uptime guarantee, and a 99.9% service uptime guarantee – included, as a standard.

Magento Commerce features in the Servebolt Cloud

WordPress Cache

The free Servebolt Cache Plugin for WordPress works for hosting stacks that conform to web standards. Instead of doing the caching in PHP, the plugin makes correct caching headers that enables the web server to cache HTML for you.
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Git integration

We have a Git version-control system integrated in our Bolts, and support webhooks for automatic deployment.
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The Composer package manager is pre-installed, to ease dependency management. Servebolt is a developer-friendly provider!
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You can access your Bolts using the Secure Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
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Managed hosting

All Servebolt hosting is managed hosting. Every bolt is kept secure and online 24/7/365.
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Argo Smart Routing

Argo Smart Routing optimizes the performance of network traffic between Cloudflare and Servebolt.
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Load Balancing

Load balancers are used to distribute web traffic across multiple servers. Traditional load balancing, load balancing from the CDN edge, and geographically distributed load balancing
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Magento command line tool

Simply write «magento» from anywhere on the command line to manage your Magento 2 installation. Super simple!
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Our hosting features custom maintained and performance optimized versions of PHP
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Bolts are our unique containers that contain your environments for production, development and staging. Our Bolts provide unmatched web performance!
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Servebolt Linux

Servebolt Linux is our own version of Linux, custom built for maximum performance and security with network, hardware and software.
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Static asset caching

Bolts handle caching of static assets the right way, automatically.
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Fast redirects and standardization of domain names is controlled in the admin panel
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Add an unlimited number of domains, domain names and sub domains to your websites with us. It's all easily managed in our admin panel!
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Technical contact

Technical contacts for Bolts get important information about bugs & errors that may occur.
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Access management

Powerful, easy and secure access management. Provide access to Bolts and websites for developers, partners and other team members.
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Our databases can manage more queries faster than you've ever experienced before. We use an optimized version of MariaDB database server, with extremely fast hardware.
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We run the modern and fast MySQL database MariaDB, optimized for use with PHP and various CMS'es.
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Servebolt is an official Cloudflare partner, with full feature support. Cloudflare is the worlds largest (and greatest) CDN and security service.
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Admin Panel

Servebolt provides a simple yet powerful and easy-to-use control panel. Manage all services when ever - and where ever from - it suits you!
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Every Bolt supports multiple sites for development, staging and production websites. No need for a separate server environment.
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We provide an easy to install SSL solution for all sites hosted with us
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HTTP/2 Push

All Bolts are active with http2 push support by default.
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Servebolt has supported SSL & SPDY, now HTTP/2 - since the beginning of time.
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Want to know more about how the Servebolt Cloud works? We’re transparent about our hosting magic.

Cloudflare™️ Enterprise Specialists


We’re a Cloudflare Certified Enterprise partner, which means that you will get correct advice on how to scale Magento globally.

Also being a Cloudflare Optimized Partner, Servebolt and Cloudflare peer and optimize network routing to achieve the lowest possible latency, and highest possible throughput for all network traffic.


Enhancing security

Magento Enterprise security can be significantly improved by implementing a range of security measures, tailored to organizations security standards.

Additional services may include zone lockdowns, restricted endpoints, web application firwalls with custom rulesets, DDOS mitigation teams, and much more.

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100% managed hosting

  • Your team can spend all time on development
  • We carry the operations risk
  • Continuous deployment of performance enhancements
  • Fast deployment of OS and software security patches
  • Frequent software stack upgrades
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Servebolt Cloud regions

New York – Amsterdam – Oslo – Singapore – Johannesburg
Americas – Europe – South-East Asia & Oceania – Africa

Servebolt Cloud Region Locations

Magento Commerce hosting prices in the Servebolt Cloud

Want to get in direct touch with an enterprise sales representative? Contact us here



Enterprise Starter

The enterprise starter plan

$699 monthly

  • High Performance 32 GB
  • Unlimited PHP workers
  • Cloudflare Business included
  • 5M Pageviews included


Small Enterprise

For small and growing enterprises

$1,400 monthly

  • High Performance 128 GB
  • Priority support
  • Unlimited PHP workers
  • Cloudflare Business included
  • 10M+ Pageviews included



For the enterprise with a global audience

Custom pricing

  • Tailored distribution
  • Custom security
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • Unlimited PHP workers
  • Cloudflare Business or Enterprise
  • Custom Pageviews
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Need white glove migration assistance?

We handle flawless migrations and successful launches on a daily basis, with a minimum of down time. The Servebolt Magento Commerce experts can assist your team with go-live and migrations.

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Partner program for agencies

Do you want to get rid of operational risk, but retain revenue from your existing hosting portfolio? Check out the Servebolt partner program for agencies. Partnership means sharing recurring revenue on your full hosting portfolio.

Yes, Redis is available as an add-on on our business and enterprise plans, and can be ordered by contacting support.
Yes. To run continuous background services, we provide a supervisord based service as an addon to our enterprise offerings.