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Managed hosting

The important things are taken care of

Your Bolts in the Servebolt Cloud come managed. That means you get the latest developer tools, deployment features and software updates delivered, without ever needing to do that yourself.

You’ll get rid of the bad conscience you may have because there are outstanding security updates, or known zero day exploits. Your Bolts will automatically receive continuous deployments of new server level optimizations, 24/7/365 uptime monitoring and nightly disaster recovery backups.

Not only do we maintain the production systems, your development and staging environments will be maintained equally!

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Servebolt Cloud Locations

You are currently ~75ms from the closest Servebolt Cloud Location

We have placed our Cloud regions strategically to ensure that as many users as possible have the lowest latency possible, meaning that data doesn’t have to travel so far (yes, data travels too!).

Servebolt Cloud Region Locations

Craft CMS features

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Oh s**t! insurance

Guaranteed by our nightly backups of your Craft CMS

A lock

Secure like Fort Knox

Guaranteed by our system administrators. They work day and night to keep your Craft CMS secure.

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Continuous speed optimizations

Guaranteed by our Research & Development-team. They continually research and implement new optimizations to speed up your Craft CMS.

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Good night sleep

Guaranteed by our Operations team. They are alerted if any of our servers go down, making sure your Craft CMS is up, always.

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