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Accelerated Domains

Accelerated Domains™ is a fully-managed service that accelerates performance, scalability and security of your site. Allowing your sites to fully unlock their performance potential.

Accelerated Domains is a unique service that enables your site to accomplish extraordinary performance, security, and scalability milestones. It does so in the most efficient, affordable, and sustainable way. Accelerated Domains is a service that requires no configuration, and is continuously evolving. Every Accelerated Domains feature is built to help you unlock new growth, more revenue, and greater reach.

Key Features


Your site’s performance across the board will vastly increase. Equally for local as well as international traffic. Learn more about Accelerated Domains’ speed.


Adding enterprise-grade security to your site has never been easier. Accelerated Domains transforms your site in the most secure version of your site. Learn more about Accelerated Domains’ security.


With its smart caching layer, Accelerated Domains allows you to scale your site like no other solution out there. For both local and global traffic! Learn more about Accelerated Domains’ Scalability.


A faster, more secure and more scalable site should not introduce a higher energy consumption. Accelerated Domains makes this happen and is, of course, powered fully by renewable energy.

Add-ons & Compatibility
  • Image Resize (add-on)
    The Image Resize feature resizes and optimizes images at Accelerated Domains edge and enables you to serve all the correct sized images to your visitor’s browser on the fly.

  • Full compatibility for WordPress hosting
    Combined with our Servebolt Optimizer plugin Accelerated Domains is fully compatible with WordPress.

  • Full compatibility for WooCommerce hosting
    The Accelerated Domains cache engine smartly bypasses cache for all relevant WooCommerce pages when you want it to.

  • Prefetch assets and menu items
    Menu items and CSS and JavaScript assets are prefetched. The assets have been preloaded in the browser before a visitor has actually click on a menu item link

Solve Performance Issues Once & For All

Accelerated Domains improves crucial performance metrics that have a direct impact on your user-experience and search engine ranking.

Improved Core Web Vitals

Accelerated Domains improves Core Web Vitals, providing an enhanced user-experience to your visitors and helps your site rank higher.

Lower Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is another ranking factor that improves performance. Your visitors stay longer and take more actions when the webpage loads fast and the navigation is smooth.

Faster Loading Pages

A dream that rarely comes true. But not anymore. Accelerated Domains loads your web pages faster than ever! Irrespective of your visitor’s location the web page loads ~2x faster than before

Fewer Abandoned Carts

Accelerated Domains helps with extreme performance and scalability while our fast origin hosting ensures fast carts and checkouts that result in fewer abandoned carts and more profit.

Speed That Knows No Boundaries

Accelerated Domains optimizes the performance of your website across the board and across the globe.

Accelerated Domains gives you access to a caching network with 180+ nodes globally, which is built on top of the Cloudflare Enterprise network. Accelerated routing always ensures your site is delivered over the fastest traffic paths globally.

Together with Servebolt fast origin servers, Accelerated Domains is ideal for optimizing websites and online stores where caching everything is not a viable option.

Icon speedometer

"Wow, that’s profoundly fast"

Jono Alderson

— Special Operations Yoast

Accelerated Domains is already doing wonders for our clients and has achieved astounding performance results in internal performance benchmarking.

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Improve Your Core Web Vitals Instantly

When you add Accelerated Domains to your site, all of your page loading metrics such as PageSpeed Insights and Core Web Vitals are instantly improved.

In an easy set-and-forget way your site is accelerated to the next level just by adding Accelerated Domains. From smart caching of your webpages to delivering your images faster, as well as speeding up the rest of the assets of your site.

Improvements we’ve seen so far include:

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Webpage Load Times

We see a 45% reduction in the time it takes to load a webpage. That’s your download time almost cut in half!

Time to First Byte (TTFB)

The average TTFB was reduced by 60%. Which means it’s more than twice as fast with Accelerated Domains.


Across the board we see a 30% reduction of latency, resulting in much faster-responding pages for both local and global audiences.

An Accelerated Domains site shows significant performance improvements, both for local and international visitors. There’s no need to add complex plugins to your WordPress site to achieve such speed enhancements. Accelerated Domains together with our Servebolt Optimizer WordPress plugin take care of everything for you. 

Set and forget on your part. On our end, we’ll continuously improve and optimize what Accelerated Domains does for your site.

Proactive Security Engine

A smart and proactive security engine that let’s the money making traffic through and stops the bad actors effectively

Imagine a fence around your website and its entire infrastructure. Accelerated Domains is that fence, and the best part is that it’s maintenance-free for you.

How the Proactive Security Engine helps your site

Accelerated Domains catches the cyber threats way early in the timeline & mitigates them.

Where most other website security services run on the server, or as a plugin or module within the CMS or web application, the Accelerated Domains’ proactive security engine is working in front of the server and the application. This enables the security engine to stop malicious traffic before it actually hits the server, your application, or any part of the origin hosting infrastructure.

The implemented security measures are continuously improved based on data from Cloudflare’s network including close to 40% of all HTTP traffic on the internet, in combination with our own hands-on knowledge and analysis of the traffic to the Servebolt Cloud.

The proactive security engine provides security at scale, without degrading performance.

Machine learning

Machine learning is implemented to effectively score the threat level on each request based on the continuous analysis of close to 40% of all HTTP traffic on the Internet. Accelerated Domains then uses that score to determine what measure to take.

Fingerprint Identification

Every bad actor all has some kind of fingerprint. Accelerated Domains uses a powerful engine to identify the fingerprints of bad and good requests, and effectively block or challenge requests where needed, in real time.

Rate Limiting

Every website has URLs, requests or endpoints that are weaker to brute force attacks or other threats. Accelerated Domains implements rate limiting where needed to secure the known weak spots of a website while keeping the usability intact.

Continuously Improved Ruleset

Accelerated Domain also provides a Managed Web Application Firewall (WAF) with a set of rules blocking the potentially harmful requests. This ruleset is continuously improved and expanded, based on Servebolt and Cloudflare analysis of traffic data.

Automatic DDoS Protection

Accelerated Domains provides automatic DDoS protection, backed by Cloudflare. Accelerated Domains 59 Tbps network capacity is well equipped to defend against the largest attacks on the internet. Accelerated Domains DDoS mitigation systems identify and mitigate most DDoS attacks in under 3 seconds. On top of that, both the Servebolt operations team and Cloudflare identify and mitigate DDoS attacks manually and with ease.

Automatic SSL

Accelerated domains come with an SSL certificate automatically, without the need to purchase or set up a separate SSL certificate. A SSL certificate will automatically be provisioned, keeping the traffic between your website and your visitor secure and encrypted.

Accelerated Domains come with the Servebolt Managed Web Application Firewall. That means you don’t have to worry about managing your WAF, and it includes firewall rules from both the Servebolt Team and the Cloudflare Team, including rules to mitigate OWASP Top 10 and platform specific known vulnerabilities.

Block Bad Bot Traffic

Separating the good from the bad is hard when talking about Bots on the Internet. The good bots like Google, index your site and send traffic to it, while the bad bots do harm in some way like by spamming your comments or trying to get into your CMS. But these requests might look the exact same at the first glance. Accelerated Domains uses data from Cloudflare smart and efficiently in combination with our own traffic data intelligence to solve this hard task without degrading performance.

Efficient Spam Filtering

The majority of the bad traffic comes from bad bot traffic. These bots are getting increased in numbers and are becoming more sophisticated. Service like Accelerated Domains handles bad bot traffic problem through:  

Behavioral Analysis

When you know how a bad bot is behaving, you can stop the next one that looks just like it. Accelerated Domains uses behavioral analysis to effectively keep bad bots out from the website while letting the good ones in.

Machine Learning

The machine learning in the  Accelerated Domains security engine is used to give a score on every request on a scale from not a bad bot to a very bad bot. Accelerated Domains then uses that score to determine what measure to take.

Heuristics & Statistics

With all the data at Accelerated Domains disposal, separating good bots from the bad is also done with a heuristic and statistical approach to making sure that as many bad bots as possible that are not spotted by behavioral analysis or machine learning are identified.

Scale Your Site With Ease & Simplicity

Scaling your site in an easy fashion without introducing complexity is hard. But not if you’re using Accelerated Domains! With just a few simple steps, your site will scale instantly without heavy investments by having to add more servers, or load-balancing, or developer time.

Scale Without Adding More Servers

Accelerated Domains utilizes a smart and location-aware cache, which is distributed across the globe on more than 180+ data centers worldwide. This improves the scalability of any website like your WordPress or WooCommerce site instantly.

No need to add more servers, more server resources like CPU or RAM, or complex load balancing servers. Accelerated Domains is a cheap and sustainable way to scale any website.

Accelerated Domains help you prevent your site from crashing when the traffic to your site spikes. Whether that’s sudden, viral, or planned, Accelerated Domains has got your back.

Curious how we can help your site? Talk to one of our Accelerated Domains Experts

Here are some of the things Accelerated Domains does that help you scale easily:

Cache Hit-rate Optimization

Sending out email campaigns or advertising campaigns will no longer leave you worried about the performance of your site.

Not only does Accelerated Domains make your site fast everywhere and all the time, but it also helps you scale as well by optimizing a cache hit-ratio to almost 65%.

Automated Global Cache

Accelerated Domains’ smart caching helps you scale your site easily so peaks are no longer a thing to lose sleep over.

And those peaks can come from anywhere in the world. Accelerated Domains doesn’t scale just locally, it also scales your site globally.

Tiered Caching

Tiered caching allows for improved performance for visitors. Because distances between data centers are shorter and faster than the links between data centers and origins.

Shaving off valuable time per visit and helping your site scale even more.

Are you an agency owner?

And are you looking for a reliable and convenient solution for performance, scalability, and security?

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True Sustainable Hosting

Performance & Scalability Done Right Meets Your Sustainability Goals

We’re committed to delivering you the fastest performing websites that scale easily. We are also committed to offering you these features in the most sustainable way. Accelerated Domains solves exactly this.

It All Starts With Using Renewable Energy

It all starts with using renewable energy, but that in itself only covers a slice of what truly sustainable hosting is – and should be.

Accelerated Domains, combined with our fast and efficient origin hosting, ensures that your webpages travel over the internet in the most optimized and modern fashion. In the fastest way.

Accelerated Domains is the easiest way to minimize your site’s carbon footprint. You are guaranteed to run on modern, power-saving, and efficient hardware. Combined with market-leading software efficiency, all the way from the Servebolt Cloud to your website visitor’s device.

What does Accelerated Domains cost?

Accelerated Domains is an account based service which is available for $149/month during our launch campaign.

Accelerated Domains

Base Price

Accelerated Domains

Includes enough bandwidth for most websites

$299 monthly

  • 1 domain
  • 1 TB of bandwidth
Pricing carousel navigate left Pricing carousel navigate right

Extra domains: $49 per domain name.
Extra bandwidth: $99 per month per TB

Ready to order Accelerated Domains? Contact us and we’ll help you accelerate your site!

Why Thinking About Scaling Helps Your Business

The savings of Accelerated Domains make it easy to justify the costs

The investment in Accelerated Domains justifies itself, but to make the job of convincing your manager or CEO to agree to the cost of Accelerated Domains, here is a list of a few strong arguments. If you need more, our sales team is happy to help!

Higher ad spend ROI

Page load time for visits through ads, newsletters, and similar are usually much slower compared to accessing a website directly. This is due to the mechanisms that are used to track the performance of the ad. Slow load time increases the bounce rate, customer satisfaction, and ROI. Accelerated Domains speeds up every page load, also when traffic coming from ads. With Accelerated Domains, you won’t see the same slowdown, and therefore the return on investment (ROI) on your advertising budget will be maximized.

Scale Effortlessly

Every site will at some point need to scale to heavy traffic quickly. Maybe your new ad really worked, or you got mentioned by a major news outlet. Accelerated Domains makes sure that you are as ready as you can be for these unexpected traffic peaks, and can focus on converting that traffic into revenue for your business.

Cloudflare Enterprise benefits

Cloudflare Enterprise normally has an entry price of $5000 per month, but Accelerated Domains only costs a fraction of that price. It offers great value for money but a full set of features designed to make your site perform better.

How does Accelerated Domains Work?

Accelerated Domains is an add-on service built on top of the Cloudflare Anycast network. The Accelerated Domains service is deployed at 180+ data centers at the Cloudflare edge.

Accelerated Domains combines our performance first approach, in-depth knowledge of the sites running on Servebolt with the power of Cloudflare Enterprise. The result is Servebolt specific performance optimizations, security and scalability improvements running at the Cloudflare edge, which is now effectively the Accelerated Domains edge.

Global anycast network

The backbone of Accelerated Domains is a global Anycast network, meaning the visitors to your website will be routed to the closest node in the network.

180+ edge locations

The global network consists of 180+ edge locations, ensuring low latency for any visitor to your website.

Optimizations on the fly

All optimizations are done at the edge, and on the fly. This ensures that all visitors get an optimized experience, with optimized performance – on every page load.

Security at the edge

All security measures are also done at the edge – ensuring the malicious traffic doesn’t hit the origin server and the website.

What Can I Expect?

Adding Accelerated Domains to your domain will make your entire site perform a lot better across four distinct domains: raw performance and speed, extreme scalability, enterprise-grade security, and truly sustainable hosting. In one simple step, you’ve accelerated your site to the next level.

If your site benefits from having better local and global performance, security and scalability, Accelerated Domains is what you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get Your Questions Answered

Accelerated Domains can currently be added to any site hosted in the Servebolt Cloud. If you’re currently not using Servebolt hosting, contact our support team and we’ll happily help you to migrate your site over to the Servebolt Cloud so you can start enjoying the benefits of Accelerated Domains.

Accelerated Domains is built as a set-and-forget add-on service to your site. This means you don’t have to worry about any type of configuration. We have taken care of everything for you. There are no configuration options other than 2 to 3 DNS record changes in order to connect Accelerated Domains to your domain.

Accelerated Domains is built to work with any site, but we’d love to help you confirm it will work with your site as well. Just reach out to us via any the contact methods on this page, book an appointment or send us an email and we’ll help you out.