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Accelerated Domains™

Accelerated Domains provides unmatched global and local performance. It’s a set & forget add-on service to propel sites to the next level of performance.

Accelerated Domains is a fully-managed service that accelerates performance, scalability and security. Allowing sites to fully unlock their performance potential.

Why Accelerated Domains?

  • Unmatched Global & Local Performance
  • High Scalability
  • Ironclad Security
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Extreme Local & Global Performance

A website's performance often times is the bottleneck in true scalability and growth. Accelerated Domains solves this problem for you.

Accelerated Domains allows sites to perform extremely well in all the relevant performance metrics. Resulting in higher ranking content, lower bounce rate, more user engagement, and higher conversions. It also brings significant improvements in essential metrics.

Accelerated Domains is built on top of the Cloudflare Anycast network, including all 180+ nodes at the Cloudflare edge. In addition to the Servebolt features and services included in Accelerated Domains, it also includes Cloudflare Enterprise features (which normally has an entry price of $5000 per month).

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Improved Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals are a performance metric Google uses to rank sites. Accelerated Domains helps you improve Core Web Vitals by almost 50% and latency improves by 30%.

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60% faster TTFB

Time to first byte (TTFB) is paramount for scalability. The shorter the TTFB is, the faster a webpage renders and benefits the user experience tremendously. It will also help to scale during peaks.

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60% Better Cache Hit-Rate

Accelerated Domains uses caching nodes that are spread over 180+ locations globally which results in a far greater cache hit-rate ratio locally and globally which enables your clients to scale with confidence.

45% Faster Load Times

With Accelerated Domains activated, we saw loading time improvements of 45%! This means Accelerated Domains cuts the time it takes for the webpage to become responsive for the visitors to start interacting within half!

Enterprise-grade Security

Accelerated Domains keeps your WordPress sites safe from hackers.

Accelerated Domains protects sites with an intelligent security mechanism allowing you to mitigate even the most sophisticated cyber threats before they have a real impact. Domains running on Accelerated Domains directly reap the benefit from analysis of close to 40% of all HTTP traffic on the Internet and Servebolt’s hands-on experience with our customers traffic patterns.

Accelerated Domains will mitigate security threats you didn’t know of, before the threat has real impact, without you having to do anything. Solving WordPress core, plugins and theme vulnerabilities before they become a problem.

DDoS Protection

With features like a fully-managed firewall and rate-limiting limiting, Accelerated Domains proactively secures the website from DDoS attacks.

Automatic Rate Limiting

Accelerated Domains offers an automatic rate-limiting feature to further optimize server resources and check malicious bot activities.

Minimize Spam Comments

Preventing spam from entering your site before it even touches your server is what Accelerated Domains is designed to do. Less burden on your server to process unwanted traffic means more resources available for performance.

Lower Bad Bot Traffic

Based on the analysis of 40% of all HTTP traffic via Cloudflare combined with Servebolt’s Cloud analysis, Accelerated Domains enabled domain benefits from this smart filtration process that prevents bad bot traffic from hitting your server.

How Does Accelerated Domains Work?

Accelerated Domains solves critical performance, security, and scalability issues without you touching anything!  

Built on top of the Cloudflare Enterprise, Accelerated Domains does its magic on the network between the user and the Servebolt cloud. 

While offering the best set of features, Accelerated Domains eliminates the hassle involved with performance optimization, security, and scalability. It runs on set & forget mode so you can focus on other important things.

The power of Accelerated Domains

Sheepers.co.uk is a renowned UK-based eCommerce store that sells sheep-skin products. Their products are seasonal and the demand shrinks in warm weather. Which means they needed to look for markets on the other side of the planet where their sheep-skin products make more sense.

Australia was the only market that fit the brand’s product line but due to its distance, it was a challenge to serve the online store with the same performance. Accelerated Domains solved scaling up globally by serving the online store with the same consistent performance.

Accelerated Domains is built to solve more than just performance issues. Scalability, security, sustainability.

Would you like to learn how your agency and clients can benefit from using Accelerated Domains?

Book a call with Remkus de Vries, Head of Partner & Customer Relationships, to learn more.

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Which clients should run Accelerated Domains?

All of them, but especially clients that:

  • Want or need better performance
  • Want or need better security
  • Want to reduce their carbon footprint

Accelerated Domains is a unique product that can solve an array of performance and security related issues for your clients.  Clients that have a lot of traffic from social media, newsletters, and advertising campaigns especially.

Sensitive Data

Websites that store sensitive information are in need of enterprise-grade protection. Accelerated Domains provides ironclad security to these clients with features like a Web Application Firewall, rate limiting, brute-force, and DDoS protection.

Global Presence

Accelerated Domains does wonders for online businesses that have a global presence. With 180+ nodes globally at its disposal, Accelerated Domains opens up the entire world for your business.

High Peaks of Traffic

Clients going viral all of the sudden, or sending out newsletters to thousands of subscribers can cause performance and scalability problems. Accelerated Domains solves this with its global, and low-latency caching.

Revenue Dependency

Accelerated Domains will help your the revenue growth of your client’s sites. Faster page loading times lead to more conversions which then lead to more profits.

What Does the Pricing Look Like?

Accelerated Domains is your next hight profit, hight value, and low effort offering available to you as an Agency Partner.  It includes features that normally sell at $5000/month. We have made it vastly more affordable for anyone without compromising the true value.

It allows you to accelerate your clients’ sites to the next level with minimal effort from you as the agency. And you’re free to resell it any way you like, generating a nice recurring revenue stream. If you’d like to help your clients succeed better with their sites, schedule a meeting with us and we’ll explain you all about the options for you!

"Wow, that's profoundly fast"

Jono Alderson

— Special Operations Yoast

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you achieve similar reactions with your clients, just book a call with us to learn more about how Accelerated Domains can help your agency help your clients.

We’re only one call away to help you and your clients accelerate your sites to the next level!

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Set & Forget

Accelerated Domains is a set & forget service that will continue to add the latest and greatest features without you taking any actions on your end. It is tightly integrated with all other Servebolt services including our Servebolt Optimizer for WordPress plugin that now supports auto Accelerated Domains cache purge.

We constantly monitor and improve the service it provides. Today’s version is already a better version than yesterday’s. All effortless for you and your clients.

Generate More Revenue with Accelerated Domains

As an agency partner, you can enjoy handsome profits by re-selling Accelerated Domains to your clients. 

We build it, you sell it. Join our agency partner program and re-sell what you already love using. Accelerated Domains is a plug-and-play add-on that is fully compatible with all Servebolt products and services.

Book a call with Remkus de Vries to learn more about how Accelerated Domains can help your agency help your clients.

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Green hosting is not just about using renewable energy, it’s also about using that energy in the most efficient way. Accelerated Domains saves a lot computational power through an efficient server, smart caching mechanism, accelerated network, and browser resource utilization.

In short, adding Accelerated Domains to any website will make that site be more environmentally friendly.


Accelerated Domains is

Your solution to fewer problems, less hacked sites, faster and better scaling sites, locally and globally. In short, Accelerated Domains will help you help your clients better in meeting their business goals.

  • Accelerated global performance, security and scalability
  • A setup-and-forget service for you and your customers
  • A new revenue stream for you, with high profit opportunities
  • Includes features that normally sell at $5000/month,

All of this while make the sites greener as well. Let us help you succeed and book a call with us today!