Servebolt Optimizer v3.3

We’ve released version 3.3 of the Servebolt Optimizer for WordPress plugin. It introduces a couple of feature improvements and a number of bugfixes.


Cache purge queue origin metadata

Whenever an item is added to the cache purge queue, we now also add the origin of this event. For example a manual cache purge, or an automatic cache purge on content update etc.

Simplified cache purge

During cache purge we previously purged related URLs for a WP object (posts, terms etc.). Related URLs could be the front-page, archives etc. In some cases this caused large amounts of URLs to be purged cache for even when not needed. We have simplified cache purge in some cases – like for example during checkout in WooCommerce.

Changed name of menu cache feature

Due to confusion between Cloudflare/Accelerated Domains-cache and the menu cache feature we changed the name said feature to “Menu Optimizer”.


Bugfix – WP admin bar markup error

Fixed minor markup error in the WP admin bar dropdown menu. An obsolete “target”-attribute was added to the parent div element which is invalid.

Bugfix – menu cache feature issue with filters

Whenever a 3rd party adds a menu using the filter wp_nav_menu_args, we could not cache the result due to how we interact using WordPress filters. This should now be fixed.

Bugfix – menu cache feature producing excessive amount of transient rows

The menu cache feature produced too many transients due to the way the transient key (a.k.a. cache key) was generated. Solved by making the transient key less complicated and by adding a filter so that 3rd parties can modify the cache behaviour instead.

Improved cache purging for the menu cache feature

Whenever a menu is assigned to a menu location we now purge cache for the previously assigned menu. This process prevents orphaned transient rows and help prevent the options table from getting bloated.

Bugfix – Migration error on plugin activation/deactivation in CLI-context

Whenever the plugin was activated or deactivated there was, in some cases, an error due to the database migration not being ran correctly. This should now be solved.

Bugfix – Fixed broken Cloudflare API credentials validation in form

Whenever Cloudflare was selected as cache provider in the cache purge configuration form the validation did not function. This is now fixed.

Bugfix – Fixed unhandled exceptions

Due to missing namespace, some exceptions went unhandled which again caused fatal errors in some cases. This is now fixed.

Bugfix – Could not determine if in Servebolt hosting environment from Cron-trigged CLI context

Due to absence of server variables, the system could not determine whether the code was executing in a Servebolt server environment when it was ran in CLI-context trigged by Cron. This is now fixed.