Fully managed.
Blazingly fast hosting

Servebolt is a next-level, high-performance managed hosting with a strong focus on scalability and security.


Managed cloud hosting solutions for digital agencies, online media & e-commerce businesses.


Globally distributed datacenters and an HTTP/3-enabled CDN covering 300+ countries and territories, and security protection of WAF, DDoS, and SSL.


Uptime guarantee SLA is always included.


performance improvement just by moving your site to the Servebolt Cloud.

How is Servebolt different?

While others try to add more components to their hosting to make it go faster, we decided to build our hosting cloud fast from the ground up. We did so by stripping out everything we knew was deadweight.

Our hosting is amazingly fast, without the use of complicated HTML caching strategies, cache in memory, and so on. Instead, our platform makes sure both cached and uncached requests are immediate.

  • Optimized Hardware

    The hardware in the Servebolt Cloud is tuned and tailored to web hosting in the Servebolt Cloud. 

  • Optimized Hosting Platform

    We develop, optimize, and maintain our own distribution of Linux. Servebolt Linux is optimized for maximum speed at all levels and maximum utilization of our hardware. This ensures that your website or store is faster in the Servebolt Cloud.

  • Optimized MariaDB and PHP

    Servebolt is about performance on all levels. Therefore, we also have our own versions of PHP and MariaDB, which are optimized for maximum performance. Most sites see a 2-8x improvement in performance when moving to Servebolt.

  • Lightweight Administration

    While other hosting platforms run its administration system on the same hardware as the website, we have built a proprietary administration system that does not affect the performance of the applications it’s running.

Build your own plan

Servebolt ensures transparent and predictable pricing.

The sliders will automatically optimize for the most affordable plan that fits your needs.

10 GB / 300 GB
0.5 Million / 50 Million
256 MB / 1024 MB
5 / 50
For small and growing enterprises


  • ✓ Custom Storage
  • ✓ Custom Dynamic Requests
  • ✓ ∞ Memory/RAM
  • ✓ ∞ Domains
  • ✓ ∞ PHP Workers
  • ✓ ∞ Visitors
  • ✓ Custom Bandwidth
  • ✓ Cloudflare Business or Enterprise
  • ✓ Custom Security
  • ✓ Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Perfect for Businesses


  • ✓ Standard Cloudflare Business
  • ✓ Argo routing and tiered caching – 500 GB included
  • ✓ Unlimited Workers
  • ✓ Servebolt Onboarding
  • ✓ Servebolt WAF and Firewall Management
  • ✓ Servebolt support
Tailored to Professionals


  • ✓ Standard Cloudflare Pro
  • ✓ Servebolt Onboarding
  • ✓ Servebolt WAF and Firewall Management
  • ✓ Cloudflare Support
Ideal Solution for Starters


  • ✓ Cloudflare Free Options
  • ✓ Servebolt Onboarding
  • ✓ Cloudflare Support
Fuel your success

From €699/mo

  • ✓ 100 GB Storage
  • ✓ 3 000 000 Dynamic Requests
  • ✓ 768 MB PHP memory limit
  • ✓ 50 Production Environments
  • ✓ ∞ PHP workers
  • ✓ ∞ RAM
  • ✓ Unmetered Data transfer
Power your business growth

From €349/mo

  • ✓ 40 GB Storage
  • ✓ 1 000 000 Dynamic Requests
  • ✓ 512 MB PHP memory limit
  • ✓ 25 Production Environments
  • ✓ ∞ PHP workers
  • ✓ ∞ RAM
  • ✓ Unmetered Data transfer
Grow online effortlessly

From €99/mo

  • ✓ 10 GB Storage
  • ✓ 500 000 Dynamic Requests
  • ✓ 256 MB PHP memory limit
  • ✓ 5 Production Environments
  • ✓ ∞ PHP workers
  • ✓ ∞ RAM
  • ✓ Unmetered Data transfer

Expert support, extreme performance, and ultra-scalable infrastructure


Our hosting is amazingly fast, without the use of complicated HTML caching strategies, cache in memory, and so on. Instead, our platform makes sure both cached and uncached requests are immediate. And, of course, this applies to the back end as well.


From onboarding to going live and beyond, we’re here for you every step of the way. While we won’t actually fix code, we do go the extra mile in helping you figure out what’s going on and point you in the right direction of where the fix should be applied. Our web performance experts can provide you with qualified insights into how your unique WordPress hosting can make your site faster.


The security of our clients and partners is extremely important to us. Run your websites with complete peace of mind that they are protected. All of our systems are continually monitored, upgraded, and patched with the latest security updates. Our dedicated security team scans the risk and compliance landscape to ensure our platform is never compromised. We, and our upstream partners Blix Solutions and Cloudflare, proactively work to stop malicious traffic before it even comes close to your website.


All our Bolts are pre-configured and optimized to deliver faster web pages to any number of visitors landing on your website. This unique approach of tuning every component properly inside our hosting stack enhances the performance and reliability of your website. Additionally, with our Accelerated Domains add-on service, you’ll be even better prepared for scaling.


We prioritize renewable energy sources for our data centers and climate compensate when renewable energy is not available. Our stack is faster than all other alternatives, resulting in less energy consumption in delivering a website. Less energy consumption means a lower carbon footprint.

Support exceeding the highest standards

At Servebolt, we take pride in our highly competent support team of skilled Technical Support Engineers who consistently deliver exceptional, enterprise-level service. With an impressive CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) score of 98.8% over the past 12 months, it’s clear that we are committed to providing top-notch support. Our median response time of just 1 minute and 4 seconds ensures that our customers receive rapid assistance. In addition, our skilled migration team is well-equipped to handle complex migrations seamlessly, further enhancing our service offerings. You can count on us to provide the best support and service possible.

  • Seriously good support

    We offer support via an online messaging platform, which is always one click away. Our live chat support team and site migration experts extend your team’s capabilities and allow you to focus on your business. We’ll handle even the hardest migrations for free. Our engineers provide immediate help, working with you to diagnose issues and provide specific recommendations.

  • Proactive monitoring

    Our Cloud Operations team monitors our cloud’s health 24/7/365 and ensures everything runs smoothly so that you don’t have to think about it.

  • Client empowerment

    Our goal is not only to fix the problems our clients are facing but also to empower them. Our diligent support team creates Knowledge Base articles and takes the necessary time to educate our clients on how to become expert webmasters, enabling them to resolve any website issues that may arise independently.

Servebolt is one of the fastest and most reliable WordPress hosts on the market

WordPress Performance Benchmarks – Servebolt is Top Tier, 4 years in a row

Servebolt is without a doubt one of the most performant hosting companies in the industry that earned Top Tier status on every plan, from Starter all the way up to Enterprise. Year after year, we’ve proven that our Cloud hosting platform is consistent, reliable, and one of the fastest in the industry.

What WordPress experts are saying about Servebolt

Jono Alderson

I’m obsessed by speed, and Servebolt are by far the fastest WordPress hosting I’ve ever encountered. The easy setup and management, excellent customer service, and lightning fast response times are genuinely delightful.

Jono Alderson
Former Head of SEO at Yoast, Digital Strategist, Marketing Technologist, Full Stack Developer

Remkus de Vries

I’m using the fastest hosting (Servebolt) + a bit of secret sauce (more on that later), and then this is just one of the wonderful results I get to enjoy.

Remkus de Vries
WordPress veteran and performance specialist

Kevin Ohashi

It’s rare I say there was an obvious winner because I’m not sure it’s happened before. However, Servebolt was the fastest in every single location tested.

Kevin Ohashi
Founder of ReviewSignal LLC (WPHostingbenchmarks.com)

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