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How to Migrate

You can expect to shave off seconds of your load time when you starting using Bolts for hosting your site.

Before you start the process of migrating, but sure to familiarize yourself with how to best prepare for the migration of your site to Servebolt. It’s not difficult, but there are some things to be mindful of.

Set up your account, and make a new Bolt.

Make account

Upload your files to your Bolt using either SFTP, SSH or rsync. Then import the database using PHPMyAdmin or with mysql from the SSH command line

Update your website URL to the internal URL of your Bolt provided in the Servebolt Admin Panel. Then check that your site loads like it should on the internal URL.

🚀At this point you have likely already cut the server response time in half.

Bolts are usually faster without plugins for security, optimization, aggregation and caching. We recommend to uninstall all such plugins, and then test how the site works. Make sure all MyISAM database tables are converted to InnoDB.

🚀 This step can shave off multiple seconds. Review our specific guides for optimizing based on your hosting platform.

Secure migration form

The information you submit in this form will solely be used to duplicate or migrate your site to Servebolt, and will be deleted after use.

  • With SSH access, a copy is usually set up in 30 minutes. SFTP is slow, and may take hours.
  • We need the following information:
    • – server host name or ip
    • – username
    • – password
    • – Information about non-standard ports for SFTP
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Say hello on our chat and we’ll provide a public key for the migration.

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