How to add Multiple Test Domains to a Test Bolt

When creating a test Bolt, a site with a unique internal site URL is automatically set up. To add your own custom domain names or subdomains to a site, the Bolt needs to be upgraded to a paid plan. This is required to go live with a website on Servebolt.

If you need multiple test URLs for your sites, for example, if you have a multisite configuration, there is a way to add multiple test domains to the site.

A single site that answers for multiple domains is common for WordPress, Drupal, and Magento. When adding new sites to a Multisite configuration, the new additional addresses have to exist in the control panel as well, in addition to the Network admin in WordPress, or equivalent configs in other CMSes.

How to add additional Bolt URLs to a site

Log in to the Servebolt Control Panel, select your Bolt, and the site you want to add additional domain names for.

On the overview page for the site, there is a section named “Domains”, with a list of all addresses that are linked to the site. These are required so the server knows to which site to route the requests.

Multiple test domains can be added if they are made as varieties of the Bolt URL. This is how they should be formatted:


If the default Bolt URL is then valid additional test addresses would be:

  • and similar

The rules for naming additional test domains are strict and have to:

  • Start with a hyphen (-)
  • Be 3 to 10 characters long
  • Only contain alpha-numeric characters (a-z, 0-9)
    This means IDN formatting is disallowed, no special or international characters are allowed.

Note that all domain names should be added without the http:// and https:// prefix.
When you have entered a new address, press the blue + button.

The added new address will then appear in the list of Domains for the site:

The above-mentioned restrictions only apply to test Bolts. 

Production Bolts on paid plans do not have such restrictions as to what domain names and subdomains can be added to them. You can add an unlimited number of addresses to our production Bolts.