Cron is a (Linux) server based feature used for scheduling repetitive tasks like update checks, session management, sitemap regeneration, inventory updates and similar.

Servebolt cron support is integrated in the Control Panel, so it’s easy to setup cron tasks through a web interface. No need to manage difficult crontab files!

Faster and more reliable scheduled tasks

Some CMS, like WordPress and Drupal, have built-in cron and task management. This is for compatibility, since cron don’t work the same with all operating systems. But built-in cron solutions is bad for performance, since they have to perform their tasks when visitors use the websites.

For websites with a less amount of visitors, built-in cron can mean missed scheduled tasks. This is not an issue with our server cron.

Cut TTFB in half with server cron!

Time to first Byte (TTFB) is how fast a website responds (the initial load time). In some cases the TTFB can be reduced significantly by just using server based cron instead of a CMS built-in cron. Built-in cron is a performance killer – don’t let it slow down your website!

We recommend server based cron for improved website performance.