Admin panel v23

Making new Bolts has never been easier. The Add Bolt form is completely re-done, and has design elements that makes it super easy to make the correct type of Bolt, in the right Servebolt Cloud Region with a few clicks.

Boltcash and Promo codes are retired

In preparations for a renewed billing system, we have retired Boltcash and promo codes. These are no longer applicable, but may be re-introduced some time in the future.


As part of our ongoing do-we-need-this clean-up process, we have retired breadcrumbs in the admin panel. Data suggested very few used it, and that frees up desktop space for other purposes. Let us know if you really miss it!

First and last names

Despite what it says in the canonical article Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Names, we have updated our systems to start collecting two names for every customer, because that’s a requirement of the billing system we are implementing. Sad but true. This also means, that your name is migrated. Please review your name, to check that your name is split in two the correct way, and that you have both a first, and a last name!