overview of change

  • added filter ‘sb_optimizer_cach_tags_fine_grain_control’ that when set to false will use a single tag for all HTML and RSS
  • converted cachetags from a human readable format to a machine readable format to reduce header size
  • added new branding logo
  • forcing a cache purge all on update of this version of the plugin to move sites to the to new CacheTags schema

The big change here is that we have moved from a human readable cache tags schema to a machine readable one.

going from this style:
[domain name with dots removed]-[the label used to define the cache part]-[the id of that item]-[when multi-site add blog id]

to this style:
[environment.json id]-[the const value of the label]-[the id of that item]-[when multi-site add blog id]

Which means for an average blog page the cache tags change from something like this:


important: the plugin automatically forces a cache purge when it gets updated. This is so that the cache tags schema is updated through the site.