Changing Git repository used in Servebolt Git integration

If you change agency or simply just change where you host your git repository, you will need to change the git URL in the integration, you will probably also need to generate a new key pair to give the integration access to your repository. Read how you generate a new key pair for the git integration here

Note: Before changing the URL used in the integration, you should have your new repo up and running with the latest changes. Pulling from a new repo URL will overwrite the existing files handled by the old Git repository.

How to change the repository URL

  1. Go into the bolt and then the site you want to change the git url for
  2. Click on the “Git” tab on the site in question
  3. Change the URL to your new git repo URL. This needs to be the SSH version of the Git repository URL. E.g [email protected]:someorg/myrepo.git 
  4. Click “Save”
  5. Now generate a new key pair by clicking the “generate new key pair” button
  6. Give access to your git repo to the key shown.

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