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Why is Servebolt the fastest alternative?

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Modern hardware

The speed lies in the details. Servers, network and disks are selected by our engineers specifically to deliver the fastest websites and e-commerce stores possible. The machines are in our own data center, with redundant solutions for power and internet access.


The processors use hyperthreading. This means that the physical cores are divided into multiple virtual threads that can perform tasks simultaneously. With hyperthreading the processor has less idle time and can perform more tasks faster.

Seriously fast network

We use a computer-networking standard called Infiniband. It's mainly used within high-performance computing, og gives a speed of 56Gbit with incredibly low latency. This makes it possible for the components to work together with the same speed as if they were in the same machine.

Optimized OS

We have our own, Linux based OS, and we've optimized it for speed.

Servebolt OS is optimized for maximum speed at all levels, and maximum utilization of the machines.

Centrally placed data centers

Our data centers are centrally placed in Oslo and Amsterdam. This ensures as little as possible delay between the server and end user. If you have international traffic, we're also partners with Cloudflare, and have integrated Cloudflare for simple setup. In addition, our servers are only a millisecond apart from Cloudflare's nodes in Oslo.


Normally SSL would slow down your website. We support HTTP/2 and SPDY on all hosts, which means that websites that use SSL with us gets up to 60 % faster.


Our server farm is continously updated, and supports both PHP 5.6 and PHP 7. We recommend everyone to use PHP 7, as it makes websites up to 30% faster.

Our partners also have access to servers with the latest version of PHP.

Nginx + Apache

We use NGINX before Apache to get full advantage of the speed in NGINX. This also allows developers to configure the server as normal (Apache)


We run our own, optimized version of MariaDB. Our MariaDB is continuously optimized for speed by our engineers in Norway. Servebolt MariaDB is considerably faster than MySQL.