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Improve Your Site's Caching Performance & Greatly Improve Cache Hit-rate

The best caching solution solves caching before traffic actually hits your server. Accelerated Domains does just that.

Having your server taking care of caching when it doesn’t have to is not the most efficient and sustainable way to solve caching. Accelerated Domains does its magic before traffic to your site actually reaches your server. This means that your server resources can be fully deployed to those visitors that are performing unique and personalized actions. Actions such as purchasing an item from your store or logging in to comment or interact with your site in any other way.

Accelerated Domains is the best caching solution available for your site because we’ve included a smart learning module that will drastically increase your cache hit-rate. Meaning, if a page can be served from cache, we will cache it. This includes pages that are using tracking URLs which would normally result in cache misses.

Your site can expect to see close to a 70% improvement when serving your site from the cache where it can with Accelerated Domains. More sustainable, faster, and both local and globally making it the best caching solution for your site.