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Scalable & Reliable

Faster hosting for WordPress

Faster WordPress hosting than on any VPS, Google Cloud or AWS hosting. Try us and experience a 2-4 times performance increase!

  • Extreme Performance
  • Fully Scalable Solution
  • Expert WordPress Support
  • Free Migrations

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Why WordPress on Servebolt?

We care for and WordPress

Our platform is tailored to make WordPress as fast as possible.

Extremely fast front and backend

Our WordPress hosting saves you and your developers endless time and effort optimizing for speed.

Support from WordPress experts

Our team of WordPress Experts is available via chat and email for any WordPress related questions or advice.

WordPress Developer tools

Our Servebolt Cloud is made by WordPressers for WordPressers, providing you with all the most important tools in a WordPress developer’s toolbox.

Servebolt WordPress Managed hosting is fast and scalable because of our unique approach in building our hosting infrastructure. We take a performance first approach to building every single hardware and software layer. The result is faster hosting, faster database responses and easier scaling. We do not take any shortcuts. Performance first, always.

A Hosting Partner You Can Trust

Trusted by thousands WordPress sites around the globe!

Our WordPress managed hosting solution with automatic scaling and high-availability hosting is battle-tested from many successful sites hosted with us. After serving thousands of owners and developers, we completely understand the challenges involved with running a WordPress-powered site and more importantly, how to solve them in the most efficient, performant, and sustainable way.

Always Improving

We are constantly improving our Servebolt Cloud and processes to match the ever-changing trends in the web hosting industry. Our strength is to provide you with the latest and greatest environment for your online business so it can run seamlessly and grow effortlessly.

Experts Watching Over

Our in-house WordPress experts are actively involved in every process to ensure all WordPress sites hosted in the Servebolt Cloud run without any hiccups. Our experts also help the engineering team to build and improve features vital for WordPress sites. Yours is the benefit!

Vigilant Monitoring

Besides having the most sophisticated system with fail-overs in place, our team actively monitors every component of the system and acts promptly if anything does not seem right. This proactive approach gives our support team enough time to eliminate any potential failures.

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Performance That Matters

With Servebolt, slow performance is a thing from the past.

Servebolt WordPress managed hosting is a fusion of powerful infrastructure and a highly optimized stack that allows your site to be 2 – 4 times faster just by moving your site to the Servebolt Cloud. Our unique performance-first approach enables your WordPress site to scale and be fast whenever needed.

Fast even without cache

Why your site is faster on Servebolt

The performance of your website is the first thing customers notice before anything else. Based on the initial experience, your visitors either decide to stay or leave your site irrespective of its unique selling proposition.

Servebolt’s unique approach enables your WordPress site to serve fast web pages without adding complexities or cache. We carefully built our hosting cloud from the ground up while focusing on raw performance that is not dependent on a single element in our hosting stack. Rather, it’s the sum of a number of optimizations spread across our entire hosting environment. Not only does this ensure the consistent performance you get out of the box, but it also makes your WordPress site reliable and sustainable.

Here’s why Servebolt is faster for everyone visiting your WordPress site:

Faster PHP Processing

Servebolt hosting provides the fastest PHP processing available which helps you reduce your site’s Time to first byte (TTFB). TTFB is what sets the first impression of your website and should therefore be fast. Combined with up to 40% faster databases, smart HTML caching, and many other customizations at the server level, our WordPress hosting lets your site perform in its fastest form.

Faster databases than anyone

Our custom version of MariaDB – a MySQL drop-in replacement – databases perform more than 40% faster when migrated to our Servebolt Cloud as confirmed by independent tests. Allowing you to have more than a 100 000 of posts, products or orders and still enjoy a fast dashboard.

Lightweight hosting infrastructure

One of the ways we’re making sure you can enjoy our fast hosting is keeping our hosting infrastructure lightweight. This means that less code needs to run for your site to be fast. It also means that we can offer simpler scaling options all while using less resources and staying true to our green hosting mindset.

We’re committed to offering you the fastest WordPress hosting available for any of the plans we have available. This means, regardless of which plan you choose, you’ll always have the fastest WordPress hosting at your disposal.

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"It's rare I say there was an obvious winner because I'm not sure it's happened before. Servebolt was the fastest in every single location tested."

– Kevin Ohashi, Founder of Review Signal

Learn more about how Servebolt outperformed the competition once again in the WP Hosting Benchmarks tests.

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Infrastructure That Can Handle Loads

Simple & Easy to Use

Infrastructure plays a key role in supplying and managing resources to power your WordPress site. Servebolt uses the best-in-class infrastructure to power your site all while keeping our stack simple and easy to work with.

Optimized Hosting Stack

Servebolt’s out-of-the-box optimized MariaDB databases reduce the query processing time and server-caching helps with scaling and reduces the load on the origin server. Unlimited PHP Workers allow you to cater to a larger number of customers when you’re experiencing a lot of traffic.

High Availability Hardware

Our infrastructure is designed for high availability, with failover components in all layers of the stack. This means that if something fails, an automatic failover switches to using other components. This ensures maximum availability and reliability significant for your site.

Unlimited PHP Workers

We believe we shouldn’t limit you in any way in making your website be successful at all times. Unlimited PHP workers allow for all of your site’s features to always get processed fast. Without any price hikes.

Enough RAM

All our plans always have enough RAM available for your site to process a large number of concurrent requests from campaigns without any interruptions.

Unmetered CPU Policy

Our unmetered CPU policy means you don’t have to worry about CPU and cores. Our infrastructure allows your site to process more requests processed per second. We do not hold back any resources for your WordPress site. Especially not when you most need them!

Server Caching

Servebolt offers a unique but incredibly powerful caching solution that efficiently delivers static assets and full-page caching. Unlike other hosting solutions; this method does not overload the application layer and offers greater performance and scalability.

Built For Scalability

All our Bolts are pre-configured and optimized to deliver faster web pages to any number of visitors landing on your WordPress site. This unique approach of tuning every component properly inside our hosting stack enhances the performance and reliability of your website. Additionally, with our Accelerated Domains add-on service, you’ll be even better prepared for scaling.

Optimized Operating System

Our infrastructure is powered by our state-of-the-art Linux distribution, developed for extreme performance and efficient resource utilization.

Optimized PHP

WordPress runs on PHP, and our optimized PHP versions deliver high performance compared to stock PHP versions.

Optimized Database

We have also optimized the database for much faster backend operations. It runs up to 8 times faster compared to other hosting providers.

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Extremely Fast Front and Backend

We believe that all aspects of your site should be fast. Servebolt WordPress hosting makes your site not only run fast for its visitors, but also anyone visiting the WordPress Admin. Regardless of the number of posts or products, but also regardless of the traffic your site is processing. Allowing you to do more in less time.

A faster WordPress site has additional benefits as well:

Faster Web Page Delivery

We show your website to your visitors as quickly as possible. We do this by keeping the Time to First Byte (TTFB) short, network latency to a minimum, and rendering in the browser light. This instantly enhances the user experience of your visitors and helps improve the search engine ranking of your WordPress site.

Icon of a ring, a triangle, a square and a line illustrating products

Enhanced Core Web Vitals Score

Moving to Servebolt’s fast WordPress hosting improves the Core Web Vitals of your site. The performance boost brings down the FCP and LCP scores along with other improvements like page load time and total page size. We achieve these by optimizing the database queries, PHP requests, and server-level caching.

Our Bolts are ready and capable of handling heavy workloads effortlessly from large complex WordPress sites while keeping your site fast for everyone. Start enjoying your site be as fast as it can be by registering an account today!

Security That Promises A Good Night Sleep

Our ironclad security walls keep your WordPress site safe and secure

Managed security is one of the greatest perks you get by moving to Servebolt cloud. We run frequent patches and keep your server and the rest of the hosting stack updated. Moreover, we also have sophisticated monitoring in place that helps us identify potential threats like DDoS and mitigate them early in the timeline.

All our Bolts are secured by AppArmor and other security measures embedded in Servebolt Linux. Furthermore, we’re working closely with our downstream and upstream partners, like Blix Solutions and Cloudflare, to monitor and block malicious traffic.

We Keep Your Data Safe & Protected

We protect your data through automated frequent backups.

We do automatic nightly backups of your WordPress site that are readily available in case you need them for whatever reason. These backups are stored securely for 14 days and are managed automatically to minimize downtime.

A lock
Our promise

High Performance With High Traffic

Go viral with peace of mind

Our goal is to provide you peace of mind for any site you host with us. We strongly believe that our WordPress hosting shouldn’t limit your sites in any way. This includes sites that receive high traffic all the time or because of viral bursts. Our WordPress managed hosting solution is built to support 1000’s of concurrent users and more if an article or a promotion from your site goes viral.

With viral content, thousands of visitors hit your server within minutes. With Servebolt’s WordPress hosting your site will perform as expected.

Here’s why:

Unlimited Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the amount of data transferred to and from your server. Unlike other hosting providers, we do not limit the bandwidth usage which allows any number of visitors to interact with your website.

Unlimited PHP Workers

Similarly, we also do not limit PHP Workers that help with back-end code processing. With unlimited PHP Workers, you can serve more customers when your website is experiencing heavy traffic.

High Availablity Hardware

Our infrastructure is designed for high availability, with failover components in all layers of the stack. This means that if something fails due to heavy traffic, an automatic failover switches to using other components.

Optimized Database

We have also optimized the database that speeds up the backend processes. Our optimized build runs 8 times faster compared to other hosting providers.

It's global

Servebolt Cloud locations

  • New York, United States (US East)
  • Dallas, United Status (US Central)
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Singapore
  • Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Oslo, Norway

Get more info about our cloud regions and how they work

Servebolt Cloud Region Locations

Grow Your Business With Peace of Mind

Servebolt managed WordPress hosting solves scaling like no other.

Servebolt eliminates the hassle of manually scaling server resources. Our managed cloud is designed to support heavy traffic surges right of the box without you taking any actions. This works like a charm for heavy WordPress sites with tons of dynamic content and 1000’s of users interacting with it.

A number of scaling-related problems are solved simply by switching to a fast origin server like Servebolt cloud. Here you find the raw performance that is not dependant on just caching. The hosting stack is free of clutter and built from the ground up to maximize efficiency and resource allocation. As a result, more requests are processed faster that enhances the user experience and ultimately converts more visitors.

All our Bolts are preconfigured to render faster pages for any number of visitors landing on your WordPress site. Our unique method of optimizing every component for maximum efficiency enables us to enhance the performance and reliability of your site.

Simple and Elegant WordPress Caching

Powerful WordPress Caching

Servebolt offers a unique and simple but incredibly powerful caching option for your WordPress site. By implementing a smart caching mechanism, your WordPress site will be more performant and faster when running in the Servebolt Cloud.

Our optimized server-based caching solution efficiently delivers static assets and full-page caching allowing your WordPress website to process users’ requests faster.

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Our Solution: A Perfect Fit For Agencies

Focus on what matters for your agency

Servebolt WordPress managed hosting removes the unnecessary workload from your shoulders and allows you and your team of developers to stay focused on building great client websites. Our platform works equally smooth for small and large WordPress agencies and equips them with the tools to become more productive.

Being a managed hosting solution, Servebolt takes care of server management. This includes regular updates, security patches, optimizations, and adding the latest and greatest features to help you serve your clients better. Moreover, you as an Agency Partner help us decide which features to build next.

Secure Server Access

Allow your staff or developers to work freely and securely on any Bolt with a secured SSH and SFTP access.

Free staging & deployment

Create unlimited staging environments and define multiple workflows to support the development team. Our platform makes the CI/CD faster with our Node.js implementation and enables you to automate Git deployments from staging to production environment.

Recurring Revenue

We believe in equal partnership, hence, offer a 20% recurring commission for every new client you bring to Servebolt. And you keep earning this as long as the customer is hosting with us.

Offload Support to us

Stay focused on building your business and route your customers directly to us if they have hosting-related queries. Our WordPress expert support team is available to answer any and all WordPress and hosting related questions.

Servebolt Cloud offers performance, scalability, and reliable agency hosting. All our Bolts are pre-configured to handle high traffic surges with maximum uptime. This means that you can host 100s of client’s WordPress sites without ever worrying about downtime and performance losses. We take care of all the server hardware or software updates for you.

Experience True Speed

Try our blazingly-fast WordPress hosting and experience the difference!

Our free trial allows you to create a test Bolt so you can experience Servebolt’s optimized WordPress hosting and its intuitive platform. Our team of experts swiftly and securely migrate your WordPress site whenever you are ready.

Free migrations

Hands-on WordPress expert migration assistance:

  1. Register a free trial account
  2. Create a Bolt in your preferred location
  3. Order a migration
  4. Put us to the test
  5. Enjoy truly fast hosting
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WordPress Managed Hosting

User-friendly platform that makes hosting a WordPress site easy for everyone.

Let us take care of any and all server and security maintenance. We do all the heavy-lifting for you or your team so you can stay focused on growing your online business. Our WordPress managed hosting take cares of server management and offers a platform that is easy to use. Register your account, create a new site or ask us to migrate your existing site(s) and start enjoying the fastest and most scalable WordPress hosting!

We Care For Planet Earth

Fastest & scalable hosting that runs on green energy

We take pride in promoting and consuming sustainable energy to power our hosting infrastructure. While hosting your WordPress site with Servebolt you don’t only get to enjoy high-performance and scalability but your site also consumes less energy.

Learn More About Green Hosting

Tools to serve you better

Accelerated Domains

Need even more performance? Accelerated Domains is an easy set-and-forget service that will greatly improve four key elements of your site. Namely, performance, scalability, security, and sustainability.

Check out how we can even further improve the performance of your site even further locally and globally by adding Accelerated Domains.

Servebolt Optimizer Plugin

Our Servebolt Optimizer plugin helps your WordPress site to deliver cached resources faster without breaking your site than conventional caching plugins.

Servebolt’s caching mechanism works on the smart layer outside of WordPress. This means your WordPress site does not need to be loaded for caching to work. It sets the correct headers that enable the NGINX webserver to cache HTML without ever touching the expensive PHP layer. Saving you precious resources and delivering cache faster at the same time.


If your website needs to have Redis available on your Bolt, we have it available for you on any site in the Servebolt Cloud. Redis is available as a paid add-on on Servebolt, on the Business plans, and above. Redis instances are provided per site.

Just reach out to us and we’re happy to help you on your way. Redis is currently in beta in the Servebolt Cloud.


Servebolt provides managed Elasticsearch instances that run on the local infrastructure. Elasticsearch instances are fully managed by Servebolt. This means they are continuously maintained with updates, security patches, and upgrades.

Reach out to our Support Team if you need to have Elasticsearch implemented for your site. Elasticsearch is currently in Beta in the Servebolt Cloud.

Servebolt Cloud WordPress Prices

Invest into the success and growth of your online business

High Performance

Small websites


Entry to extremely performant hosting

$99 monthly

  • 10 GB storage
  • 500 000 Dynamic Requests
  • 256 MB PHP memory limit
  • 5 production environments



For large websites and medium portfolios

$349 monthly

  • 40 GB storage
  • 1 million Dynamic Requests
  • 512 PHP memory limit
  • 25 production environments



For large websites and large portfolios

$699 monthly

  • 100 GB storage
  • 3 million Dynamic Requests
  • 768 MB PHP memory limit
  • 50 production environments
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All plans offer you the same high performance allowing you to enjoy easy and predictive pricing without any surprises.

What some of our clients say

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How do Bolts compare?

What’s the difference between Servebolt Bolts and other hosting alternatives?

Shared hosting

Shared hosting compares to a tent on a campsite. You only have few resources, and it’s super annoying when your neighbors decide to throw a party. And it only fits up to 4 people.


A VPS is like having an apartment in an apartment building. You have your own space, but it’s still small. Room for 1-15, but you have to refurbish and maintain the inside of your apartment yourself.

Dedicated server

Just like with a house, a dedicated server is comfortable. Noisy neighbors don’t matter, and you have all the space to yourself. You can host a party with up to 100 people, but noone is there to clean up after you. You also have to maintain the house, all the time.


Living in a container is cheap, and you can always add one more container to fit more people. But, living in a container will never be comfortable. And it was not intended as a living arrangement in the first place. Hosting your site with containers is just the exact same thing.

Cloud hosting

Hosting your site in the cloud is living in a yet-to-finish skyscraper. All the space you need, but not necessarily when you need it. Bathroom on the ground floor, kitchen on the top floor. Unused space in-between. And the cost of maintaining a skyscraper is always a bit foggy.


Your site on a Bolt in the Servebolt Cloud is like renting one floor in a skyscraper, with the possibility to host a party in the whole building if you want to. Including rooftop parties. The building is fully maintained, you only need to bring your furniture. All this for one agreed price per month.

Test running your site on a Bolt. Sign up for a free test, and a free test migration.

Questions many ask us before they switch to our managed WordPress hosting

Bolts are by design faster than any VPS, and do also handle higher traffic peaks. Check the Bolts vs other hosting solutions.

Servebolt’s managed cloud is developed by WordPress experts who have combined over a decade of hands-on experience in developing and managing enterprise-level WordPress websites. The same people put together their skills and experience to solve some of the crucial challenges that they came across themselves so that our customers don’t have to.

Moreover, the underlying tech of our WordPress managed hosting is also tailored for the WordPress platform and is continuously getting improved with time.

Yes. Servebolt supports all configurations of WordPress, and you can connect an unlimited number of domains for your multisite configurations.
The majority of sites fit on our entry-level plan. Sites that have large image libraries (many thousands of images) may require more storage.

Yes, we are. Please see our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for implementation details. We also provide a Data Processing Agreement (DPA).

If you run Cloudflare in front, you get SSL for free.
Yes. HTTP2 push is enabled by default and can be disabled in the control panel.

Yes. We are Cloudflare partners and recommend Cloudflare CDN. You need a content delivery network if your visitors have a large geographical distribution, and their average distance to the origin server is high (more than 100ms on fiber network).

Yes, Redis is available as an add-on on our business and enterprise plans, and can be ordered by contacting support.

We don’t, no. Our Control Panel comes with a custom dashboard that is much simpler, more performant, and easier to use.

No. The Servebolt hosting stack is built with nginx and Apache.
No. Servebolt uses Nginx as the user-facing web server, and Varnish would not provide any better performance for end users. Our Accelerated Domains service solves the need behind wanting a service like Varnish much better.

Yes, you can run NPM or Node.js on any site on your Bolt. It is, however, not possible to use Node.js to host websites.