WooCommerceSpeed as a competitive advantage


A faster loading store means:

  • More sales
  • Happier customers
  • Faster store management

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Why WooCommerce on Servebolt?

We care for and WooCommerce

Our platform is tailored to make WooCommerce as fast as possible.

Extremely fast front and backend

Our hosting saves your developers endless time and effort optimising for speed.

Support from WooCommerce experts

Our WordPress experts on the support chat are ready to help you solve any problem.

WordPress developer tools

The environment is made by WordPressers for WordPressers, providing the most important tools in a WP-developers toolbox.

It's super fast

How you know we are different

We know a lot of WooCommerce hosting companies are saying they are fast, but trust us. You have never seen speed like this.

a shopping cart filled with goods

Fast cart and checkout

Carts can’t be cached, and many complain about the speed of the cart and checkout in WooCommerce. With Servebolt the cart and checkout is lightning fast, because our overall performance is not based on caching but on many small optimizations in the hosting stack.

Icon of checkmark over various belongings

Fast WordPress admin

The backend speed is critical when you run a WooCommerce store. Servebolt Performance First Cloud ensures that the backend is faster then you have ever seen it before.

Fast for all visitors

Our platform does not depend on caching for speed, meaning every one of your customers will have a fast experience.

Fast admin-ajax

Many WooCommerce developers and store owners have seen it. A slow admin-ajax request. Not on Servebolt!

Time is essential

Experience the difference in load time

How fast do you want your WooCommerce store to load? Try our loading emulator, and feel the difference between a fast loading store and a slow one.

500 ms

9 seconds

Load complete in 250ms

Load complete in seconds

No matter the number of


Bolts can handle it.

A coffee cup

Oh s**t! insurance

Guaranteed by our nightly backups

A lock

Secure like Fort Knox

Guaranteed by our sysadmins

Icon speedometer

Continuous speed optimizations

Guaranteed by our R&D team

A icon illustrating a moon and clouds

Good night sleep

Guaranteed by our Operations team

One easy-to-use control panel, and all the access you need

Although our admin panel is incredibly easy to use, it’s also very powerful.

Manage everything from domains, access and https redirects to enabling HTTP/2 push.

You manage all Bolts, environments and sites from one location. We take care of the rest.

Servebolt Admin Panel
Support by experts

We are always here for you

A smiling customer

When you need us

Our expert support team is available by phone, chat and e-mail.

A icon illustrating a moon and clouds

When you do not need us

Our OPS team monitors our cloud’s health 24/7/365 and makes sure everything runs smoothly, so that you don’t have to think about it.

Icon speedometer

When you want to improve

Our web performance experts can provide you with qualified insights into how your unique WordPress site can become faster.

99,9% uptime guarantee SLA always included
Check out our uptime for the last 30 days.

What some of our clients say

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Gibson logo

“The Gibson Guitars store is blazing fast on Servebolt and delivers a high quality user experience. Their support team has assisted our developers to achieve this exceptional result.”

– Maarten van Minnen, Online Marketing Manager EMEA, Gibson Europe BV

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Servebolt Cloud
WordPress Features


A Bolt can have several dev stage prod environments where your site and databases live.

Servebolt Linux

Servebolt Linux is used to power the Servebolt Cloud


All bolts come with WP CLI preinstalled with autocomplete.

Static asset caching

Bolts handle caching of static assets the right way, automatically.

Full Page Cache

Full Page Cache (FPC) is easily setup and managed through our admin panel. For FPC we use nginx cache.


Apache .htaccess support for full compatibility. Customize headers, redirects and settings with .htaccess.


Fast redirects and standardization of domain names is controlled in the admin panel


Servebolt supports all kinds of certificates, self-signed, bought and Let's Encrypt

Development domains

All websites with us has a unique development URL, which prevents double indexing (and SEO penalties).


An unlimited number of domains and subdomains can be added for free with all of our Bolts.

Servebolt Cloud WooCommerce Prices


High Performance 4GB

Fits for beginners

$99 monthly

  • 4 GB storage
  • 3 sites included
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High Performance 8GB

If you need more space

$189 monthly

  • 8GB storage
  • 3 sites included
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High Performance 16GB

For mature sites

$349 monthly

  • 16GB of storage
  • 3 sites included
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High Performance 32GB

For larger sites

$549 monthly

  • 32GB of storage
  • 3 sites included
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High Performance 64GB

For large sites

$749 monthly

  • 64GB of storage
  • 3 sites included
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High Performance 128GB

For demanding sites

$1,049 monthly

  • 128GB of storage
  • 3 sites included
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Frequently asked questions

Yes. Servebolt runs nightly disaster recovery snapshots of all websites.
Yes. For new clients, a free migration is always included.
No. Servebolt delivers market leading database performance, and REDIS does not further increase the speed for end users.
Yes. Servebolt supports all configurations of WordPress, and you can connect an unlimited number of domains for your multisite configurations.
Servebolt has implemented hundreds, if not thousands, of optimizations. You can read more about why it is faster here.
The majority of sites fit on our entry-level plan. Sites that have large image libraries (many thousands of images) may require more storage.