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Pimcore cloud hosting

Leverage our highly optimized image processing and performance capabilities. Product Information Management (PIM) is fast and responsive on Servebolt, with performant APIs and integrations with your E-commerce platform of choice.

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Servebolt Cloud Locations

You are currently ~Xms from the closest Servebolt Cloud Location

We have placed our Cloud regions strategically to ensure that everyone gets the lowest latency possible, meaning that data doesn’t have to travel so far (yes, data travels too!).

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Servebolt Cloud Pimcore features

Servebolt hosting is 100% managed

There is no reason to spend your web developers’ time focusing on server management. That’s what we are good at, and the reason why we only provide managed hosting.

Servebolt Managed Hosting enables developers and teams to focus 100% of the working hours on development. We take care of server updates, optimization, security upgrades, patches, dealing with possible hardware failures, network outages and all the other things that can happen.

You and your team can focus on developing the best site or store possible, and making money.

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Pimcore runs faster in the Servebolt Cloud