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Hosting optimised for a lightning fast Magento

Get super fast and scalable Magento with Servebolt.

Pricing for hosting of Magento 1.9

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High Performance 4 GB

$99 / per month
  • 4 GB storage
  • 256 MB memory limit
  • Up to 3 sites
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High Performance 8 GB

$189 / per month
  • 8 GB storage
  • 512 MB memory limit
  • Up to 3 sites
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High Performance 16 GB

$349 / per month
  • 16 GB storage
  • 768 MB memory limit
  • Up to 3 sites
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High Performance 32 GB

$549 / per month
  • 32 GB storage
  • 1024 MB memory limit
  • Up to 3 sites
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High Performance 64 GB

$749 / per month
  • 64 GB storage
  • 1024 MB memory limit
  • Up to 3 sites
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The Magento Performance Study

We have tested the performance of 15 stores, how fast they are - and the effect of full page caching. Check out our findings

Guaranteed Faster

We guarantee that your Magento runs faster on our servers, without use of Full Page Caching. If it isn't, you'll get six months of free hosting. We help you move in for free, and do a mini performance review to ensure that your site performs as well as it should.

Servebolt OS

We develop, optimise and maintain our own OS. Servebolt OS is optimised for maximum performance with Magento. This ensures that your site or shop is fastest with us. Servebolt OS is based on Linux.

Super Simple Admin

Our ever evolving admin panel makes setup and management of hosts, sites and servers super simple. Manage cron jobbs, domains, git integrations, SSL and share access with your team, technical contact, partner or external developers securely.

Managed hosting

We take care of server updates, optimisation, upgrades, security and maintenance of servers and server software. Our engineers continuously implement new optimisations to make Magento as fast as possible. All you need to worry about, is your Magento installation.

100% SSD

We only use high performance SSD drivers, that ensure super fast read and write performance. Fast disks mean less waiting for your visitors.

The Fastest Network

Our servers run Infiniband networking, which is normally used in super computers and delivers 56Gigabit with the lowest possible network latency. This enables servers to make use of other resources on the network, as if they were internal server components.

Lightning Fast Processors

We only use high-end processors with Hyperthreading, and Servebolt OS implements new tech that leverages their new features. This means faster multithreaded performance.

Multiple Data Centers

You can choose to deploy your site in our datacenter in Oslo or in Amsterdam. You should choose the Data Center closest to your users. We run a high availability infrastructure on both sites, in secure and well guarded facilities.

Git integration

Git deployment comes out of the box with easy control panel based access, or by using SSH. Deployment with Git is fast, safe and secure and gives you better control. Set up your testing - staging and production environment, and deploy code automatically on commits with webhooks.
If you need help getting started, check out our Getting started with Git guide.

World Class Support

Our service staff has deep knowledge of Magento, and especially performance and optimisation of Magento. The team is ready to help you with Magento on both chat, e-mail and phone.


All servers are connected on the high availability infrastructure with redundant internet and power. In addition, all servers run mirrored raid as the standard setup. This means that problems caused by component or infrastructure failure is reduced to a minimum.

24/7/365 Monitoring

Alle servere er monitorert Our engineers are 24/7/365 monitoring infrastructure, servers and server services - which mean you can sleep safely. If something were to happen, we start working on the problem within minutes. Check out our status and up time here.

Staging hosts

Servebolt provides free dev- and staging sites for all High Performance packages. This allows you to put up your complete environment, and test and identify bugs - so they don't get into production. Let us know if you need help to sync your sites.

Cloudflare Integration

If you have an international audience, we are Cloudflare Optimized Partners and can hook you onto their global network with Railgun. That delivers a super fast connection between Cloudflare, and our data centers.


We have one of the easiest solutions for enabling of SSL in the market. Order and installation is done in a few clicks. In addition, we run HTTP2 which makes sites load faster with SSL, than without. We are happy to help you get your Magento secured with SSL.

High Performance Databases

We run our own finely tuned and optimised build of MariaDB, MySQLs successor. With our optimisations, your Magento will perform exceptionally also under high load and with heavy queries.

Disaster Recovery Backups

When developers have accidents, it is crucial to have recent backups available. We run nightly disaster recovery backups of all sites and databases, to an off site location.

Unlimited Data Transfer

Contrary to other Cloud services, we have no limits on the amount of data your web pages may transfer.

Leverage our highly skilled engineers

Our research center in Drammen, Norway has some of the brightest minds in hosting and performance. Some of their work is publically available, like zlib-ng, an essential library that speeds up webservers by compression data faster and harder. As a Servebolt Client - these guys play on your team!