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We are automating payments

We are in the process of moving from invoicing to automated billing. This will give you all the convenience of automation, with multiple payment options and easy access to invoices. Automated billing also introduce the possibility of adding storage one gigabyte at a time. Automated billing will be enabled for all clients within mid October.

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What you need to do

In the Servebolt Admin panel, click on your image top right (or the placeholder image) to open the account menu, and then click Manage billing

  • Add one or more payment methods
    (Credit card, Direct debit or Paypal)
  • Make sure your Billing details are correct

If you do not add a payment method, an invoice fee of $10 (99 NOK, 99 SEK or  €10) will be applied to every invoice that requires manual invoicing and payment processing after October 31 2019.

Shows where Manage BIlling is on the Servebolt Admin Panel account menu

How can I pay my current invoice by card?

Due to PSD2/SCA we were forced to remove our old card payment method. To pay your current invoice by card you need to do the following:

  1. Add your payment method by following the instructions above
  2. Send a request to [email protected] or use the chat in the control panel to let us know that you want to pay your outstanding invoice with the payment source you added in step 1

If you need any assistance, or have questions, do not hesitate to get in touch via the chat in the control panel

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