We are engaged in our customers and how we can best lead them through a fast changing market. The digital reality changes rapidly, and we change as it progresses.This is actually how we prefer it. In Nettrafikk we’re all specialists at what we do, and we enjoy the continuous development.

We perform our best when we can work across disciplines. It’s the result that matters. All of our services complement each other and create results that we are proud of.

Who we are

Nettrafikk is a complete provider of digital services online. We’re a company full of enthusiasts who are passionate about different digital fields. The team focusing on search engine optimization (SEO), AdWords, analysis and consulting is based in Oslo. The developer team is working from Serbia and Poland.

Skilled programmers, designers, strategists and advisors makes up a dynamic and powerful combination.

Long-term thinking

We focus on our customers’ long-term strategic goals. It is always worthwhile to perform things thoroughly and properly from scratch. It takes longer, but also dramatically increases the gain.