Convert is the sum of the people who work with us, the thoughts and ideas we have, our experiences, and the products and processes we’ve made. We could make this introduction about our company history, and the fact that we have offices here and there, but we won’t. Because we prefer to talk about the nice people we work with every day.

Our vision: To make Norway’s (maybe the world’s) best e-commerce stores!

Really ambitious goals …

If it’s one thing we have in Convert, it’s just that – ambitions. We work to always we better, and we aim to be the best. After restructuring to the new company, we have significantly improved within several areas, and even if our goal to be the world’s best on e-commerce is a huge one, we like to say: if you have both feet firmly placed on the ground, you’re not going anywhere.

What do we mean when we say we want to create Norway’s and maybe the world’s best e-commerce stores? To us, it doesn’t mean we we’ll try to win awards, or make stores with the most legendary Javascripts. To us it’s about having happy clients, and creating success stories for them.

If you, as a client, are happy, your shop is selling more than expected, your e-commerce team is pleased, the end users sends praise to support and the CEO gives you high-fives in your coffee breaks – then we’re happy with the work we’ve done.

A learning organization

Todays differentiators are tomorrow’s must-haves. If you don’t keep developing, you stagnate and if you stagnate you have nothing to do in an advisory role. That’s why we focus a lot on teaching and learning within or organisation, and for all coworkers to develop their expertise and share it within the organization. We don’t sell code, design or our time – we sell our expertise and experience, and we’ll always work to develop these.

Focus on measurement and research

As we work on both qualitative and quantitative user research, maybe it’s not so strange that we like to measure and to be measured.This is why we also expect you as a customer to set expectations and requirements for the results we deliver, and for these to be measured after the project.

We understand that it’s all about ROI for you, and that’s why we, in cooperation with you, always try to analyse your investments from a ROI perspective.

In 2013, we were approved by Norsk Forskningsråd (the Norwegian Research Council) and Innovation Norge as a research company.