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Does Servebolt run mod_security?

No, we don’t. If you have issues related to outdated jQuery cookies, please put your host in developer mode. This will clear the cache of static elements and fix your issue.

Help, my site is hacked! How do I recover my website?

How does it happen? The most common entry point for hackers is to exploit known security holes in commonly used software. If you do not maintain your website with security updates, it is just a question of time before your site will be hacked. What do hackers do to my…

SSL Certificates

Servebolt allows you to purchase SSL certificates right from within the Servebolt Control Panel. For every domain name on your Bolt, you can purchase SSL certificates. We provide two different types of certificates: Sectigo certificates. Certificates with an operational guarantee, 1 year validity and also available as wild-card certificates.  Self-signed.…