Lock down xmlrpc.php in WordPress

The WordPress xmlrpc.php endpoint can be misused as en endpoint for brute force attacks.  If you do not use xmlrpc.php for any integrations, you might as well disable it completely. Adding these lines to your .htaccess file will disallow access to the endpoint for everyone. Edit your public/.htaccess file and […]

How to use Servebolt Optimizer for WordPress

Our plugin, Servebolt Optimizer, enables you to: Enable our best practise database optimisations for WordPress and WooCommerce Read the errorlog directly from the WordPress Admin Enable the Full Page Cache How to use it with WP CLI Install the plugin wp plugin install servebolt-optimizer –activate [–network] You should now be able […]

Optimizing WordPress

WordPress by default is blazingly fast at Servebolt, but there are some things you can do to your WordPress site that optimizes it even further. Consider this some basic WordPress hygiene. Database indexes In the examples we have used the standard wp_ prefix for table names, this may differ between […]

Helpful WP-CLI commands

We use WP-CLI a lot, and here is the most common WP-CLI commands we use in a cheat sheet. WP-CLI man pages Create admin user List all users: Replace all URLs in the database List plugins  To get the status of all plugins Run Servebolt Optimizer Analyze tables Analyzing tables […]

How to backup your WordPress site

We include a daily backup of all files and databases for our clients. These backups are performed nightly and can be restored through our support, as described here: How do backups work at Servebolt. It’s also possible to do an instant manual WordPress site backup. This is recommended when performing […]

How to duplicate a WordPress site

We offer two different ways to create copies of websites which you can use for staging, testing or migrations to other Bolts. The first solution is a custom script available on our Servebolt Bolts, the other is a solution within WordPress itself. Servebolt’s sitecopy script The main advantage of using […]

WordPress Basic Configuration

All our servers are optimized and tuned for performance, and deliver much better performance than other hosting solutions. Because of this, the need for cache- aggregation an optimization plugins is reduced. Generally, you will experience that avoiding the use of performance-related plugins, and keeping the number of plugins to a […]

Optimizing WordPress on Servebolt

Congratulations on your decision to move or set up your WordPress site on Servebolt. Our performance specialists have a set of standard tasks when setting up or moving a site to Servebolt. These tasks are not secret, nor complicated. Follow this to-do list to make sure your WordPress is as […]