File not found 404 Retina.js @2x images

If you see 404 file not found errors with @2x in the file name, in either your site’s loading waterfall or the logfiles – you should add this block of code first in you .htaccess file. When retina.ja tries to fetch images that do not exist, a full version of […]

Lock down xmlrpc.php in WordPress

he WordPress xmlrpc.php endpoint can be misused as en endpoint for brute force attacks.  If you do not use xmlrpc.php for any integrations, you might as well disable it completely. Adding these lines to your .htaccess file will disallow access to the endpoint for everyone. Edit your public/.htaccess file and […]

How to use Servebolt Optimizer for WordPress

Our plugin, Servebolt Optimizer, enables you to: Enable our best practise database optimisations for WordPress and WooCommerce Read the errorlog directly from the WordPress Admin Enable the Full Page Cache How to use it with WP CLI Install the plugin wp plugin install servebolt-optimizer –activate [–network] You should now be able […]

Optimizing WordPress

WordPress by default is blazingly fast at Servebolt, but there are some things you can do to your WordPress site that optimizes it even further. Consider this some basic WordPress hygiene. Database indexes In the examples we have used the standard wp_ prefix for table names, this may differ between […]