How to move from WP Engine

There are many website owners that move from WP Engine to Servebolt to get better performance. Their WordPress and WooCommerce websites usually become at least twice as fast with us. We’ll move your site to Servebolt for free if you like, or you can follow these steps to do it […]

Configuring your domains after changing DNS

“DNS is pointing to this server, but there is no website configured for this domain name.”After setting up you site and changing your DNS, you might encounter a page including the text above. Our servers are unable to serve your website without knowing the domains, therefore you have to include […]

Creating an account

Creating an account at Servebolt takes nothing more than a minute.  All you have to do is click Sign Up in the upper right corner at Simply fill out the information with your name, email, country and phone number. You will then receive an email within a few minutes […]

Adding or changing Domains to Sites

All paid plans have the ability to add or change a domain to your Servebolt site. If you don’t have the option to add domains to your Servebolt site, you probably need to upgrade your Bolt to one of the paid plans. You can add domains easily by navigating to […]

Point Your Domain to us via DNS

Changing a domain’s DNS A-record can be done from the Control Panel of your domain registrar. DNS A-record maps a domain name to the IP address of the server hosting the domain. Replace the A records if you already have A records on your domain. You’ll find the IP address […]

Extended migration service

Our managed migration service gives you the peace of mind by having our team migrate to Servebolt for you. All new customers are eligible for managed migration free of charge, and existing customers can get the managed migration for $99. What does the managed migration include?  We will make a […]