Full Page Cache

Caching is used to speed up and scale websites and can be implemented on many levels. You can also enable caching to prevent the slashdot-effect. Our own full page caching is a safe, easy and predictable cache and works for any type of site running on Servebolt, including MagentoWordPress, WooCommerce and Drupal.

All sites hosted on Servebolt benefit from our standard cache for static elements like images, CSS, and Javascript. This speeds up the delivery of web pages and works on any site without the need to test and configure.

To be able to handle large amounts of traffic, our full-page caching can be activated. This protects the site from going down because of sudden traffic peaks and ensures that the site is speedy even if it has many simultaneous visitors.

When to Use Full-Page Caching

A site with full page caching activated can handle many times the traffic of a site with no caching. When your site is linked by a major news site, you need to be prepared to deliver thousands of page views per minute.

Without full-page caching the requests will end up in a queue, resulting in a site that responds slower. Full-page caching is often used to speed up sites, which it does, but you will not be able to cache all pages. For this and many other reasons, you should only use full page caching to scale your site, not to speed it up.

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