PHP Memory Limit

The PHP Memory Limit setting in the Control Panel controls how much memory in RAM one PHP process is allowed to use on the site in question. This setting should be as low as possible for the application running. One PHP process is usually a page view. 

Read more about what the PHP Memory Limit really is here.

How to Increase the PHP Memory Limit

In the Servebolt Control Panel the PHP Memory Limit is configurable. It has default values that may be lower than your plan allows for, for the reason to maintain as much scalability as possible.

On your Bolt, the PHP Memory Limit is configurable per site under Setting > PHP > PHP Memory Limit.

  • A healthy standard WordPress site shouldn’t need more than 128MB
  • A healthy standard WooCommerce site shouldn’t need more than 256MB
  • A healthy standard Magento site shouldn’t need more than 768MB

This might be different in your application. If more is required, it’s fine to upgrade and add more.